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Carphone try and snap up a bargain
Monday 22 September 2008 11:04:01 by John Hunt

Carphone Warehouse are reported to have indicated renewed interest in the purchase of Tiscali UK's operations following the failed sale of Tiscali that was supposed to take place earlier this year. Talks broke down after Vodafone pulled out of the bidding in June, followed by BT and BSkyB.

The Sunday Times reports the Carphone bid at £450 million for the UK arm of Tiscali, down £100 million on their previous rejected offer. With the Tiscali share price down 34% in the last 3 months, and the economy in a shaky state, Tiscali may jump at the renewed interest allowing Carphone Warehouse to snap up a bargain. The acquisition would bump Carphone to being the largest broadband provider in the UK with around 4.6 million customers just ahead of BT with 4.5 million of based on July 2008 figures.


Posted by Pigmaster over 9 years ago
And to think all those years in the early 1990's ago your only choice of an ISP was Demon and Pipex, now when people start looking the biggest ISP will be a shoddy shop on the high street selling mobile phones.
Posted by callum9999 over 9 years ago
Talktalk is big for a good reason - cheap and (for the silent majority) reasonably fast and reliable. I usually get around 6.5mb and except for the problems at the beginning due to the huge numbers signing up, it has been faultless for well over a year.

If they do buy it, would that create the possibility of IPTV for talktalk users?
Posted by zebedee over 9 years ago
This item needs updating:
Posted by ETEE over 9 years ago
Dunstone has rubbished ipTV. They just want the BB/voice customers.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
A big pile of doodoo buying another big pile of doodoo... A perfect match
Posted by chrysalis over 9 years ago
I wouldnt call tiscali a bargian, its customer base is toxic, low income per customer.
Posted by aciddave over 9 years ago
I wouldn't be surprised if it was a tiscali PR employee that started this rumor, just to get the share proce up a little....:whistle: lol
Posted by jjdaddy over 9 years ago
Does anyone realy want Tiscali there service is rubbish and dispite leaving them in May they are still billing me and threatening to cut me off. Would you buy it.
Posted by leshewitt over 9 years ago
Hey guys, speak as you find - but then I guess you are.... :-) I'm with callum9999, it's not a pile of doodoo for me. It's very cheap, and I get 5mbps download. Traffic shaping is dynamic these days and fair - throttled when it's busy and fast when it's quiet. 40gb quota a month. The webspace is *very* basic and small. You get what you pay for. It's cheap and cheerful but on my limited budget that's what I want.
Posted by leshewitt over 9 years ago
P.S. Obvious really but just to be clear my post was about TalkTalk broadband!
Posted by garners over 9 years ago
I don't usually post but it seems to me that Carpetburn is just anti carphone and takes every possible opportunity to rubbish their efforts. Talktalk is, for the majority, a reliable and very good value for money proposition who have done more than any other ISP to bring "Broadband to the masses" just think, without them then we'd all be paying a lot more for our broadband ! I for one think it is good for Joe public to have easy access to the largest ISP (if the deal goes through) via a network of stores as opposed to call centres only, and they certainly aren't shoddy !
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
garners: the point is CPW talktalk was VERY VERY shaky from the start, 100's never got equipment more than 3 months after applying, and then also 'strongarm' tactics used misleading people into an offer they did not understand, one of the most awful CS about... to say nothing about BT giving no thought at all about 'customer retention' - BT's CS promised a lot to my mate, but it never happened... it turned out ok though, all stuff arrived and worked, he was very lucky it all worked!...
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
quote"i don't usually post but it seems to me that Carpetburn is just anti carphone and takes every possible opportunity to rubbish their efforts."

Complete cack, when they first offered their so called "free" broadband i said well done to them... Im not anti carphone warehouse, i am anti rubbish service though and for every single one that gets good service millions dont.... Tiscali have been investigated by offcom in the past and carphone warehouse have a habbit of promising to connect people and NOT actually doing it, which results in several calls to their factory farm like call centre.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
I can post links to many people happy with my ISP, you could probably do the same for carphone warehouse...... The difference is i could point to millions unhappy with carphone warehouse but with regards to my ISP and many others in this country you wouldnt be able to find as many whingers as Tiscali or carphone warehouse have.... If a fair share are not getting good service... then how can i rubbish a service? Seems they have done that there self
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
the trouble is, as I usually say, is that the UK is very large and varied!!! :D

I am sure you will get the same 'good and bad' comments about grocers/hifishops/pubs in different parts of the country, even though they are 'owned' by the same company...

It is local things that affect them, like easy availablity of produce, quality of staff, and even quality of water supply!! :)

the other problem is that a VERY small minority of people with an ISP actually bother to post about it, and the rest? All they do is email, and 1 or 2 webpages a day....

Posted by andys999 over 9 years ago
carphone shitehouse should stick to selling crappy phones and robbing people, (who when they sign in the shop are on 12 month contracts THEN say its now 18 month!!
oft are looking into this)
Then sum smug fat arrogent git of a manager comes out and says YOU SIGNED!!
Tiscali are not all bad ive got 6.5 speed FREE line rental,tiscai tv coming soon,mates got it in london its as well.
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