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BT hold 35% of UK broadband market
Thursday 31 July 2008 14:16:38 by John Hunt

BT's first quarter results for 2008/9 have been released today and show continued growth within the broadband and other markets. BT Retail added 103,000 broadband customers in the last quarter bringing their total end users up to 4.5 million at the end of June 2008, accounting for 35% of the market. The 103,000 account for 31% of the 338,000 net additions during the quarter. Combining the other sections of the company, BT have 13 million lines under their wing including LLU and wholesale connections.

BT Vision, the Freeview/Video On Demand package from BT has again increased numbers, with users reaching 282,000. BT Fon, the Wi-Fi option that lets you connect via other Fon users worldwide, has also had growth with now over 121,000 members. BT Openzone has around 3,000 hotspots and sees an average usage of 1.1 million minutes per week day.

Other news from BT this quarter saw the launch of WBC which gives users access to faster broadband using their new 21CN network. Currently, coverage is available to just over 5% of the UK market, expected to rise to 40% by April 2009. Earlier this month, BT also announced plans to invest £1.5bn in a fibre to the cabinet/home rollout, and to help fund this has suspended its share buyback programme. £1 billion of this investment is in addition to previous investment plans, with £100 million expected to be invested in each of 2008/9 and 2009/10 with the remaining £800 million over the following three years. They expect to cover 10 million homes by 2012.


Posted by brindy over 9 years ago
BT is the new AOL.
Posted by CaptainW over 9 years ago
and your remarks/comments are ............
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
No, the problem is most still remember when BT was good, still believe the glossy ads, still do not read the small print, fall for the sales pitch, get the 'only £8 a month service' and get shocked when it goes up to £15 a month after 3 months, and cannot escape due to 18 month contract....

All lovely stuff for the company people, but wait another few months, and the 'forgotten' customers(yes, they have paid, 'sale done', now they can be ignored by CS!!) will start complaining...
Posted by Somerset over 9 years ago
Like AoL - Just £9.99 /mth for 3 months
£19.99 /mth thereafter.

Like CW - £9.99 for 3 months
(£19.99 thereafter)
Posted by ruskin0 over 9 years ago
It appears that 35% of the broadband market have to be into sadomasicism. Specsavers are good for the small print.
Posted by ruskin0 over 9 years ago
Try Sky girls, it actually does wot it says on the tin.
Posted by ruskin0 over 9 years ago
And everyones wonderin why BT's Market share has gone up lmao. Seems that BT's got all the assholes that cant read lol.
Posted by chrysalis over 9 years ago
well the 1000000000 adverts per day on tv and people who are too stubborn to try anything but the household name BT will be the major factors.
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 9 years ago

I'm on a BT retail line. It's a stable 4MBit, dosn't choke with multiple users or the fact we're almost certainly pushing several times the usage allowance, and I get game pings in the region of 35-50.

I didn't chose it (shared house), but it's a perfectly acceptable connection and it's miles, miles better than Virgin Media
Posted by rugbeater over 9 years ago
do you mean VM using BT line(that is as bad as any other ISP with a BT line..) or VM cable??
here is my speed in london on VMcable...
as you see, it is 7pm sunday, gettin over 4M, and 45 ping...

you have to remember just because some have bad news, it does not mean the WHOLE UK has it bad...

And NOTE it is the Customer Support I am groaning about, and people that abuse a service that they pay very little for..The technology can do it all, it is just mismanagment, politics, and abusing roadhogs that get in the way!!!
Posted by c_j_ over 9 years ago
"I'm on BT Retail ..."

SamKnows has published the first set of results from his/their in-depth performance monitoring project. BT Retail does come out remarkably well on some aspects (such as ping times and sustained speeds), and the conclusion is that BTwholesale's CentralPlus product (as used by BT Retail and not by any other independent ISP) gives BT Retail some advantages over an IPstream-based service. How surprising.

More at

Mind you, doesn't BT Retail also give you Phorm?
Posted by Otthen over 9 years ago
They may not be the best but I love BT's TV adverts though; is it just me or is she really that gorgeous?
Posted by bluecar1 over 9 years ago
yep BT retail will give you phorm shortly (they have been saying that since march though) i have another 5 months of my contract and at 4 months its time to request mac code and say adious amigo, to ZEN for no phorm.

as an aside if BT introduce phorm i am off immediately with no hesitation, even if i have to buy out my contract
Posted by crusader666 over 9 years ago
Heh, took till 11th post on a BT item before the tinfoil hat brigade started bleating on about Phorm. Must be a record.
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
Otthen : yes, your ADSL fees in action... wonder how many 1000 that cost???
Posted by pdadpaul over 9 years ago
shame they don't support as well as they advertise
Posted by paulj2001 over 9 years ago
Couldn't agree more with COMNUT & CHRYSALIS; most people feel 'safe' with a big, household name like BT - that's fine, it's their business - but big isn't always best, you'll often find they rest on their laurels and can't live up to all the gloss and so on. ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT!
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
too true... if you need any more proff, look at other forums!!
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