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How did BT Retail know who was on a Tiscali connection?
Friday 18 July 2008 13:29:16 by Andrew Ferguson has published a copy of some marketing material that BT Retail has been sending out to people who use Tiscali Broadband or one of its subsidaries such as Pipex and Nildram.

Competition among broadband providers to retain its existing customers or attract customers away from competitors is increasing as the number of people who don't have broadband starts to diminish. The BT letter is perhaps different to most in that it centres around raising doubt about the Tiscali service in relation to the planned sell-off of the provider. The sell-off while widely publicised may still surprise some, particular Nildram and Pipex customers not aware that Tiscali is currently the big name behind their connections.

According to the various quotes that people have obtained from BT already, BT staff are apparently suggesting that the fact that certain people had a Tiscali connection has come from marketing lists purchased in from external sources. Certainly BT Retail would be in a lot of trouble if it has used things like broadband tag information to target rivals customers. The reach of the firms that cull customer information from various sources is very far reaching, and it is all to easy to end up with your details being sold in bulk.

Interestingly our forums are showing a number of Tiscali customers being offered deals on their broadband service if willing to sign up for a new 12 month contract. So some Tiscali customers may be feeled hemmed in with marketing approaches from several quarters.


Posted by kingbaz over 9 years ago
Whoops and oh dear tiscali running other companys using the OLD firms name
Now they wont like this disclosure, if they had a good reputation, and provided Broadband connections that worked, when the customer wanted to use them ?
tiscali would have no NEED to to HIDE, the TRUE source of the Broadband Connection!
from their VICTIMS

WHO is YOUR TRUE? ISP (Check Now)
Posted by kingbaz over 9 years ago
tiscali run manage and provide the connections over the tiscali network for
Freedom to Surf

WHO is YOUR TRUE? ISP (Check Now)
Posted by kamelion over 9 years ago
Change the record Baz.
Posted by manonbus over 9 years ago
Should all POST OFFICE BROADBAND users also be included ?
Posted by wispy over 9 years ago
maybe someone filled out the wrong phorm ... :p
Posted by callum9999 over 9 years ago
Doesn't BT own and run plusnet?
Posted by apsande over 9 years ago
I had one of these letters, I don't have Tiscali and have never been with them. This sounds similar toi those phising scams when you tell someone their paypal account has been compromised and they send enough out knowing that someone reading it will have a paypal account
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 9 years ago
Were you at BT with some point aspande?

I'd imagine they checked for MAC's to tiscali or the companies it now owns and mailshotted those addresses.
Posted by nobby1963 over 9 years ago
I had one of these letters. I am not with Tiscali, never have been. I am with Orange and prior to that Wanadoo & Freeserve. BT trying it on again me thinks !.
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
POST OFFICE BROADBAND is nothing to do with Tiscali, it uses BT Wholesale's white label product.
Posted by scousetechie over 9 years ago
As I have said on the TBB forum, my partner got one of these letters last week having migrated from Pipex 3 weeks previously.
Posted by m3ter over 9 years ago
I had a similar situation with some door knockers the other night. But this was in connection with power utility suppliers, how do they get the info telling them WHAT supplier you are with ????? Really annoys me this sort of practice, even more so when his paperwork showed my wife's name and he was trying to get me to discuss details. I sent him away with a flea in his ear!!
Posted by johncroweclipse over 9 years ago
I notice that Eclipse isn't mentioned. My eclipse service was LLU'd on March 31st - with no prior or subsequent warning. Perhaps it's only in certain areas?
Posted by tiggerrmummy over 9 years ago
BT have been trying this stunt with people who dont have broadband and who are on the marketing preference list. My mum had a call from someone claiming to be BT in Prague and when she questioned them about it they rang off. Thing is her # is ex directory and she is on the mps.BT are going to be for the high jump if this carries on.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
quote"...Thing is her # is ex directory and she is on the mps"
Doesnt stop them, im ex-directory and on the telephone preference service and never give out my number on forms or over the phone (only hand it over if you really have to like getting broadband)... Last month or so ago every other day I kept getting calls from certain indian men and woman from BT trying to get me back as a broadband customer, with stupid claims like there is no 12 month contract no download caps or throttles and the promise of faster speed than the 16Mb i get right now on LLU.
Posted by CaptainW over 9 years ago
@ CARPETBURN, is this the person who called you?


Posted by apsande over 9 years ago
To Dawn_Falcon, I've never been with BT. I was with pipex and then F2s. Left around three years ago.

Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
LOL CaptainW good old phonejacker, never gets old :)

The same guy could of atleast offered me free ringdings for my phone service ;)
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
@apsande I may be wrong but i think you will find F2S were part of the Pipex group just like Nildram etc.
Posted by keith_thfc over 9 years ago
Pipex/Nildram/f2s have lied to customers in the past to stop them leaving - they even used the same scripted lies ("SKY traffic shape") as was documented on forums which suggests that these cowboy practices went came from the top.

And Tiscali have been happily lying to customers for years about their fake unlimited service.

Surely if Pipex/Tiscali want to engage in dirty tricks they should be prepared for rivals to act in a similar manner....
Posted by Habchjf3 over 9 years ago
I think Tiscali have got their maulers on Toucan, much to my dismay, as I was with Toucan already. Tis true: Tiscali really are the pits. The thieving gits still have some of my dosh and their is not much hope of getting it back, to be honest. However, at the moment, the toucan service, both phone and broadband, seem to be pretty good with the broadband fairly reliable and working just about within package parameters.
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
Toucan are a Tiscali reseller.

Eclipse is owned by KCOM who have used Tiscali LLU wholesale (as have Plusnet) but aren't a Tiscali group company.
Posted by SFD1968_Derby over 9 years ago
Further to this, it's on BBC News website that Tiscali are planning to sue BT for defamation....

This one could run and run...
Posted by g-bhxu over 9 years ago
Who actually gives a damn?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
quote"Who actually gives a damn?"
I give a damn, i dont want to receivesilly letters from BT or Tiscali, neither deserve the energy taken to open the envelope, today i received the pipex business broadband letter, like many ex-users have, im furious as they were instructed by a solicitor to remove my details after i had left them (which im legally allowed, do not own money am no longer a customer) Both scum bag companies that harvest details.
Posted by Whitefiver over 9 years ago
I'm not too bothered myself, but I still have a free dial up lineone account. I use this e-mail account for some web forms, including BT. I guessed that this was where they knew I had dealing with lineone/tiscali. Sound reasonable?
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
I was offered access to the Tiscali user list in the pub last night by a guy involved in financial services who says Tiscali sell the list.
Posted by diggsy over 9 years ago
Tiscali's Ts & Cs state "We may use the personal information we collect from you to build up a profile of your interests and preferences. This information may be disclosed to other Tiscali group companies and carefully selected third parties"
If you don't agree then tell them by "by hand, post or fax".
No mystery at all then.
Posted by keith_thfc over 9 years ago
Carpetburn - I also received the Pipex Business Broadband mailing advert in the post a few days ago.

Didn't really think about it as I get a lot of junk mail - but if its Pipex still keeping my details from my f2s days 3 years ago I wouldn't be surprised.
Posted by Royahoward over 9 years ago
About 2 weks ago I had 2 calls from Pipex in 2 hours..The 1st bloke cut me off as I wasn't being convinced y=to take out a new 12 month contract !
The 2nd one ws more pleasant and soon got the message that I was soon going to look elsehwere.
I muts have re4ally pi**ed off the 1st bloke as I was disconnected 2 days later without warning and nobody can tell me why. And this is a company that wants to keep my business ??
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