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Tiscali sale drags on
Tuesday 01 July 2008 14:51:10 by John Hunt

Tiscali were expected to make an announcement at the end of June detailing the plans for the company with regards the purchase of the UK and Italian businesses after putting itself up for sale in February. The deadline has however now passed, and no buyer has yet been announced.

"Several hypotheses are still being analysed. (Tiscali) intends to continue the evaluation process of alternatives aimed at achieving the objectives of growth and value creation for the Group."

Tiscali Statement

Earlier this month saw Vodafone, a bidder thought to be interested in the combined Tiscali business, pull out. Tiscali stock dropped by 21 cents to 1.82 euros this morning after closing at 2.03 last night before the statement was released. This is a large 10% drop in value after gaining 13% so far this year.


Posted by jerrymartin over 9 years ago
Its all going wrong for Tiscali, and good riddance!!!!!!!!!
Posted by kingbaz over 9 years ago
Red Herrimgs = Share Price
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
Justice for the years of misery they have caused customers, now they know what dissapointment feels like
Posted by aerostar2 over 9 years ago
Perhaps the prospective buyers are now finding out what a cr** company it is, and how much it would cost to put things right.
Posted by carlmarsh over 9 years ago
After having my internet service cut off for over a week and half and still awaiting email re-connection (despite being on DD payment!). I hope Tiscali, Pipex and all its other affiliated companies go down the tube, losing all directors, stockholders and investors every penny they have invested.
Pipex, once a great name in ISP's is now a farce since becoming part of the Tiscali stable. As other contributors have commented hope they go down the pan and good riddance!
Posted by mr_chris over 9 years ago
All well and good hoping for their total demise, but what of the millions of people signed up for Tiscali services, 'silver surfers' who have just about managed to get their head around Tiscali-specific things like their email address, how to access it, etc... for them, Tiscali works just as well as any other ISP. I agree, they're absolutely awful, but given customer numbers, I think some underestimate the impact if Tiscali were to go under.
Posted by kingbaz over 9 years ago
Maybe tiscali will be made to reimburse the people that are worse off as a result of their stealing money from people who thought they were going to get broadband
And never forget these firms are tiscali as well Nildram ,Pipex,Freedom to Surf , Bulldog hiding the name tiscali to lure fresh VICTIMS.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
If they do dissapear back to the rock they came from that will be a blessing in disguise for most. Even for those not up on technology and broadband if they stop and think before they choose their next ISP, i imagine suddenly they will be shocked how good support from some ISPs can be and how easy things are to set up when you have someone on the line that can speak clear English rather than trained to say reboot your router.
Posted by cyborg0_3 over 9 years ago
I'll be glad to see them go. Service is useless.
Oh to get to the end of my contract and find a company that provides a quality servive
Posted by Airidh over 9 years ago
Well, I've been with tiscali many years, and it's not been too bad, apart from that appalling fiasco when their SMTP server broke down and they didn't tell us for months. I would probably move if someone would just point me at an ISP that is guaranteed flawless for all time .... Anyone?
Posted by RJBURTON1958 over 9 years ago
I have been with Tiscali for a very long time on two continents, and the only problem I have had with them was when BT screwed up the LLU cutover in my local exchange, and then they did everything possible to restore my service, and they even refunded my service fees for the period I was off air + 1 month. I have heard horror stories from lots of other NON Tiscali ISP's as well.
Posted by sgcook over 9 years ago
Waitrose is excellent
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
Waitrose is supplied by BT....
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
quote"Waitrose is supplied by BT...."

LMAO so are a several hundred other ISP, BT has nothing to do with if they provide a good service though as anyone here knows.
Infact BT supply the non-LLU side of things to Tiscali dont they? Tiscali still a pile of poop though.
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
yeah you being lazy & stupid again... I was talking about BT ISP, not lines... the topic is Tiscali!

and BT supplies EVERY non-cable LINE.... yes even yours!! only the DSLAM is not BT...

But yes, BT has hopeless CS, disillusioned engineers, caused by ignorant bosses and 50 year old infrastructure - an awful mess that made me switch(no more BT middleman!) to VM CABLE - The NUMBER TWO ISP... followed by CPW talktalk, pipex tiscali, then sky...

tiscali could go back to it's 'mother', pipex, I guess...
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
quote"yeah you being lazy & stupid again... I was talking about BT ISP, not lines... the topic is Tiscali!"
What does that have to do with saying waitrose is supplied by BT?... I must of missed your point
quote"and BT supplies EVERY non-cable LINE.... yes even yours!! only the DSLAM is not BT..."
Indeed and as i said that makes little difference to the service you get, the bit of copper wire doesnt enter the equation if an ISP is good or bad, they either listen and solve issues or they dont. BT do not enter the waitrose equation and why waitrose are good in any way.
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