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Oftel Consider ADSL and Cable Immature
Friday 31 August 2001 18:12:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Oftel today released a review of Internet Connectivity today (full document is here.)

The document covers BT's wholesale provision of internet access, mainly they have covered the SurfPort, SurfPort24, WebPort and WebPort24 products. Perhaps what is interesting for us is the statement Oftel does not intend to consider levels of regulation with respect to Internet services other than dial-up Internet access. The relative immaturity of other access mechanisms such as xDSL and cable modems, and the need for ensuring consistency and depth of analysis mean that it is appropriate for this review to focus on dial-up access only.

This would suggest that any complaints that are sent to Oftel with regard to ADSL and Cable will end up been viewed as 'it's a new product so you must expect problems'. This statement also gives the idea that Oftel arent too concerned about regulating BT's wholesale provision of ADSL.

The conclusion with regard to dialup access was that their report isnt sufficient to reach a decision regarding BT’s request for de-regulation of wholesale dial-up Internet access services.


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