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FREEDOM4 acquires BOZII service
Tuesday 20 May 2008 14:36:18 by Andrew Ferguson

BOZII who provide roaming access to some 40,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across 88 countries has been acquired by the wireless broadband provider FREEDOM4 and will now be known as FREEDOM4 WiFi.

"We are delighted with the acquisition as the collaboration of WiFi and WiMAX networks is an important step for the convergence of data networks in the UK. With the support and expertise of FREEDOM4, we look forward to growing our aggregated network and offering the service to an increased number of users."

Richard Cunliffe, of BOZII

FREEDOM4 currently has WiMAX services in three UK cities, Manchester, Warwick and Milton Keynes. By adding a roaming Wi-Fi option it adds an important component to its product portfolio and gives its users much greater flexibility.


Posted by nadger over 9 years ago
[url=]Pipex Comms[/url] rides again
Posted by nadger over 9 years ago
Try again
Posted by nadger over 9 years ago
Sorry - it's the Pipex Comms syndrome at work. I was just trying to provide London Stock Exchange link to show that Freedom4 Comms was formerly Pipex Comms.
Posted by jameschastney over 9 years ago
let me run 1000's from them!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
Nadger hush with that rude "P" word ;)
Posted by uniquename over 9 years ago
But wasn't that Pipex not too bad, and currently nothing at all to do with the T-party?
Posted by nadger over 9 years ago
First there was PIPEX Internet who were an excellent ISP. Along came GX Comms who bought PIPEX Internet and then rebranded themselves as PIPEX Comms. PIPEX Comms then bought Nildram, F2S, Homecall etc etc. PIPEX Comms then sold the companies mentioned to Tiscali - sale included PIPEX name so PIPEX Comms reverted to GX and also FREEDOM4 Comms. The one totally innocent company is
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
Arrrrghhhhh Evil man im now going to go sulk then smash my monitor ;)
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