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Tiscali has a number of bidders for its business
Monday 12 May 2008 21:37:07 by Andrew Ferguson

Reuters reveals the news that the Tiscali group has received an unspecified number of bids for the sale of some or all of the Tiscali group.

It is believed that Carphone Warehouse has made an initial bid of £550m for the UK specific parts of Tiscali. The UK arm of Tiscali has an attractive share of the market at some 15% of broadband connections. In the groups home country of Italy they only manage around 5%.

If Carphone Warehouse was to gain the UK business it would overnight become the largest retail broadband provider, and gain a wholesale operation that sells services to a number of other providers. For a provider such as Vodafone, the purchase would allow them to become a major player rather than a provider simply reselling a BT Wholesale managed service. The reasons for BSkyB to buy Tiscali seem less certain. It has been suggested it was to gain access to the Tiscali TV platform, but this could have been acquired for a much smaller price when the original HomeChoice service was up for sale.

Hopefully any sale will take place quickly since if the UK arm is left in limbo for too long, investment in network capacity may stall leading to a worsening service as more customers join the network ,in addition to customers use of broadband expanding to make it a more central form of entertainment in the home.


Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
"The UK arm of Tiscali has an attractive share of the market "

Tiscali have a large proportion of the fag end of the market, which is why they're up for sale.
Posted by carolinenational over 9 years ago
Does anyone have experience of mobile broadband coverage in Cornwall? I travel down their regularly and am thinking about signing up with a mobile broadband provider but have heard coverage can be poor in some rural areas. I’ve been looking at various different mobile broadband providers here: and am leaning towards Vodafone.

Any advice would be great. I don’t want to sign up and find I’m paying for a product that doesn’t work!
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
try the forums at there's a 3G one.
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago , sorry.
Posted by chrysalis over 9 years ago
funny CW have half a billion to buy customers (loss making ones at that) but not to improve their service.
Posted by ceedee over 9 years ago
Surely Sky's broadband is simply a loss-leader?
Aren't BSkyB mainly interested in upselling SkyTV to Tiscali's millions?
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
Yes CPW just want to 'Look big' to show off to the other companies... they also know that there are *plenty* of suckers out there that will believe anything they say, and just blindly go into a contract, only to find *later* how bad it is, and just keep paying for it while complaining about it.... these customers just amaze me...
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
Service??? not CPW's problem!(the shop & salesmen, that is) - once a contract is sold, they just pass it on to the totally separate support .... :(
Posted by callum9999 over 9 years ago
I've had talktalk for 2 years and although it was only 2mb fixed for the first year, I was upgraded to the up to 8mb and get about 7mb (more than with BT). Why does everyone keep complaining (especially as you pay nothing for it).
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
the point is: - once hurt, never forgotten... And CPW mad the big mistake of 'promising the earth' before ensuring they had *at least* 2 or 3 times the expected equipment & capacity to meet demand!!! :) and ogf course all the admin failures, causing lost and forgotten new users....

To say nothing about 'high pressure' salesmen at shops...

Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
many are of course forgetting the **positive** effect of being deserted by 'over-expectant' users... the user base goes down, so capacity goes UP!!
A friend is on TalkTalk - the telephone support is still pretty awful, but the 'mytalktalk' helpforum is very good for most problems..

The point is, if you want talktalk, go to the website or phone them directly!
Posted by chrysalis over 9 years ago
rare occasions I find myself agreeing with herdwick :) why are the isps lining up to buy customers who are of the type who want the internet for nothing.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
I feel sorry for whoever buys them and the sheer mess they will have to put right :(
Posted by Stuartli over 9 years ago
I've been with TalkTalk since April 2006 on its International3 package - apart from one or two initial teething troubles due to the sheer demand at the time of its launch, I've had no problems whatsoever with the service.

On top of that the financial savings are quite remarkable.
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