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Not got broadband in South Derbyshire - tell the council.
Friday 18 April 2008 11:25:23 by Andrew Ferguson

Getting broadband is a lot easier than it was a few years ago mainly due to the numerous changes in line length limits or their removal. Alas there are still some households unable to get broadband. Some may have ordered it but it failed to work, or they have line sharing devices on the line and BT is refusing to remove them due to the cost involved.

South Derbyshire District council is trying to put pressure on BT to do something about the situation. BT has told the council that only ninety properties in the district are unable to gain access to broadband. The council it appears does not believe this figure and wants people to register with them so that information can be collated and passed onto BT to show them the true extent.

"The Overview and Scrutiny Committee can't help fix any problems you might have already raised with your provider about your broadband connection, but we would like to know about them so that we can continue to raise the infrastructure issues with BT. Although you can purchase broadband through a range of providers, the majority of these then use the BT infrastructure to provide the service. The more problems that the Council is aware of means the more impact we can have with BT. We believe it's affecting a large number of people across the whole of South Derbyshire and this concerns us."

Cllr Charles Jones, Vice-Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee

If you live in the South Derbyshire District Council and cannot get broadband then register by telephoning 01283 595795 or email the council at We would also encourage people in the area to let their neighbours know about the scheme, because if clusters of demand can be found which are unable to get broadband the chances of BT doing something is higher. Also if your broadband only works for a few hours a day or is as slow as dial-up all the time then contact them.


Posted by brindy over 9 years ago
I smiled at this, it's almost like saying "Put your hand up if you can't hear me."
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 9 years ago
Hence my comments about mentioning it to neighbours.

It has made it to the local press website, so assume it is in the print edition. Not being in the area means I cannot be sure on that.
Posted by nigelglossop over 9 years ago
Following on from this press release, the subject has now been discussed on the local radio (on BBC Radio Derby and Touch FM) and has a page on the bbc website (please see
Posted by Tacitus over 9 years ago
Given that the Swadlincote exchange,which serves the largest population centre within the administrative district is quite well served by LLU operators, I imagine the main problems are in some of the rural areas. Something not unique to South Derbyshire or the neighbouring East Staffordshire whose rural villages suffer similar problems.
Posted by chrysalis over 9 years ago
Well 90 people beats that small village in the norfolk area that got new cabling.
Posted by grapevine1 over 9 years ago
It wont be long before the Councillors in Derbyshire find both BT and in particular Openreach are extremly economical with the truth, they pass to customers "Fault Cleared" by text to customers mobiles who have reported faults when internal BT records appear to show that "No fault found" if in fact BT ever bothered to investigate the fault in the first place is therefore in doubt. What is needed is an order to put the National Audit office into BT who after all inherited the Copper twisted network which was a well maintained "National Asset"
Posted by thehilders over 9 years ago
Something will be done about lack of broadband pretty quickly if it is going to cost BT money. If anyone getting less than 1 Meg speed were only to pay £1 a year in line rental. Watch the sudden upgrades happen so everyone gets broadband above minimum speed. We need someone from oftcom to get involved
In village of North Colerne, North West Wilts, there are about 90 households without any broadband and those that do have it are getting speeds of less than half Meg.
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
Just got my wotsat & DTV mag... awards time! and yes, that includes BB as a transmission medium!! Iplayer, 4oD, PVRs with PC USB import/export, TV on PC, home streaming, even freeview HD... (well we live in hope!!)

- and guess who gets the 'turkey award' for worst performance???? you may know.... O...m - its not just BT!
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
I know someone who works for 'BT' - they say it has so many 'subsidaries', and many that get contracts for line management(in charge of who does your 'hardware lines', one step away from TalkTalk, etc..), and they have #no contact# with BT, they just get a 'jobsheet' on what line to move or check - that could be why your 'call to BT' may have no effect.... :(
Posted by polarchange over 9 years ago
I sometimes get 60k over ADSL and this qualifies as broadband because of the technology used. If I complain to my ISP, he tells me its a problem with lines. If I complain to Trading Standards or Oftel, they tell me to change my ISP. No one has the courage to confront BT because its response is to charge the end user. And no, it isn't a problem with my filter, my phone or my router!

It's a shame that Trading Standards and Oftel have no technical awareness of the issues involved - I wonder why we're paying for ill informed officials to perpetuate a problem we've had for years.
Posted by polarchange over 9 years ago
I think that the minimum standard for broadband should be 2Mb and that we should only pay £1 a month per Mb for our received bandwidth.

My charges would go down and I could even afford to be generous and round it up to 6p!
Posted by grapevine1 over 9 years ago
Another good reason for stating "OFCOM" that organisation funded by guess who. No need to say where its income comes from and that its about as much good as a "teapot made of chocolate"
Posted by Somerset over 9 years ago
And where does it come from?
Posted by grapevine1 over 9 years ago
I dont believe there is any need to answer that question BUT it is necessary to say that guess what, OFCOM has a consumers panel, so wouldnt you think the "consumers association" had at least one place on that panel, after all its a well paid (holi)day in London for its members, just read their CV,s. Ah well consumers panels wouldnt want knowledgeable consumers on board would they? They might then represent the consumer, they might demand service, they might ask the right questions in the first 5 minutes.
Posted by Somerset over 9 years ago
grapevine - please tell us.
Posted by ollieo over 9 years ago
there's a 'wireless' broadband service in derbyshire called w3Z, worth checking out. with regards BT, if you can't beat 'em join don't join 'em, join someone else!
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