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Want to buy Tiscali? Your deadline is May 5th
Wednesday 16 April 2008 11:28:53 by Andrew Ferguson

The sale of Tiscali appears to be moving forward with the confirmation of a date by which offers must have been put into the pot. The date is 5th May and it is thought that some seven companies are interesting in bidding for the group.

One name that keeps appearing in relation to the sale is Carphone Warehouse who already have various interests across Europe and the US. If the people who run TalkTalk and AOL Broadband were to buy the Tiscali broadband operation it would make them the largest broadband provider in the UK. TalkTalk already is the dominant player in the fully unbundled market, but it does lack the TV string to its broadband products that the Tiscali TV service may bring.


Posted by gayboy-ds over 9 years ago
How about 20p?
Posted by ETEE over 9 years ago
If anyone actually buys Tiscali, they may find the cupboard full of empty spagetti cans with holes for the string.
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
Sewage flows downhill, so Tiscali and Talk Talk and AOL ending up in the same pool is only natural.
Posted by CaptainW over 9 years ago
Did Tiscali pick up a lot of VoD when they bought Homechoice? The reason I ask is that someone like Sky who don't currently have a VoD/IPTV system up and running may well be interested........thoughts?
Posted by CaptainW over 9 years ago
EDIT: I know they would have a lot of work to do in repairing the brand and service issues but Sky could migrate any existing customer's to their Easynet network where available - this would surely move them up the leading table for having the most broadband customers.
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
Sky may widsh to limit their losses. Would IPTV not cannibalise thier core satellite broadcasting business ?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 9 years ago
Sky has its best guess VoD system Sky Anytime on Sky+ boxes. All that needs is the ability to tell Sky your preferred program types.

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