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NTL Trialling Wireless Broadband
Sunday 19 August 2001 10:25:00 by Andrew Ferguson

NTL are running a trial for wireless broadband in the London area until around 15th November 2001. Details are here.

Five trial transmitters are going to be used at Gunnersbury, Wandsworth, Guy's Hospital, Shooter's Hill and Croydon, maps showing the exact coverage are on their website. The service speed should be around 512kbps downstream/128kbps upstream. NTL provide the hardware you need apart from the ethernet card for a PC and it appears to be a free trial.

Once the trial is over the FAQ states that the service will be charged at £24.99 per month.

This offers another avenue for getting access to broadband speeds and if the trial goes well lets hope NTL rollout the service to areas that dont already have any broadband coverage. It may also spur Tele2 to increase the speed of their rollout.

Update 22/08/01 04:10 seb: TheRegister reports that apparently £24.99 was a 'typo' and they were meant to say £34.99.


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