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British Airway lounges gain free Wi-Fi
Thursday 27 March 2008 19:18:16 by Andrew Ferguson

British Airways from 1st April 2008 is offering free access to Openzone hot spots in its 25 UK lounges, the deal with Openzone is for a three year period according to

Of course not all us have access to the various lounges which are usually reserved for business class ticket holders or those on the upper tiers of frequent flyer schemes. Not all is lost for those stuck in terminal buildings as you can usually get free access to BBC content via The Cloud hotspots.

A list of the BA and partner lounges around the world and which ones provide Openzone access can found buried away on the BA website.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
Great for when your flight is delayed..... opps damn i checked the luggage and laptop in already... not so great ;)
Posted by ian72 over 9 years ago
Carpet - you trust your laptop in the hold??? Surely you take it on as hand luggage.
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
ROFL ROFL your gonna have a NICE new jigsaw puzzle soon!!! Or if you are lucky, a nice new doorstop!... ROFLMAO :D :D
Posted by du02 over 9 years ago
For the price you pay, or rewards you have to earn to get in there, I would very much expect this to be provided anyway.
All the American Airways and, in fact, every non-BA airport lounge I have been in already provided free WiFi.
Posted by SimonKemp over 9 years ago
When National Express took over the franchise to run trains from London King's Cross to Scotland along the East coast Main Line last Autumn, they introduced free Wi-Fi access for Standard-Class passengers. Previously it was complimentary only in First class. However, once you were away from major urban areas the service slowed to a crawl. The trick used to be to buy the cheapest Standard Class ticket possible, take a leisurely meal in the (First class) Restaurant Car, and plug the laptop into a powerpoint there whilst lingering over the complimentary coffee .....
Posted by jrawle over 9 years ago
Checked luggage in to a BA flight? You can't have been flying from Terminal 5 then.
Posted by wispy over 9 years ago
after all the disruption at T5, surely it should be a question of Wi-Fly?!

... i will get my coat
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
I wondered when the terminal 5 jokes would come LOL
Oh and yes ive checked a laptop in as luggage before and never had any issues... Mind you the case i have for it is a tough aluminium locking case with internal padding and not a cheap fabric zipped POS most buy nowadays and what the few laughing probably own (cheap skates ;) ).
There is also the issue of who you are flying with and airport that affects how baggage is handled.
Posted by 6625 over 9 years ago
But of course it can't be expected to work in T5
Posted by tahirs over 9 years ago
BA web site still shows BTOpenZone pricing:
No reference to free WiFi. Will be in the lounge in LHR T4 later this week so will try it out.....just glad I'm not going via T5 - that's next week!
Posted by malc150 over 9 years ago
The artical clearly states the service will go live on 1 April. In any case, BT Total broadband subscribers have long had free (time-limited)access to BT Openzone, anyway - so no change there.
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