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BT Yahoo mail problems
Wednesday 26 March 2008 11:21:19 by Andrew Ferguson

It seems the BT Yahoo mail service which is available as a subscription service or is bundled with BT Total broadband packages has been having service issues. has some comments from BT, indicating that the service issues are in the process of being fixed and that people have been having problems since March 11th.

Our own BT Total forum section has a number of threads about email issues, with people finding that while they previously were able to use a non BT email address as the sender address (e.g. instead of something changed on the BT servers to stop this working. There is a solution which involves registering the sending email address via the web mail client (details in this post).


Posted by ruskin0 over 9 years ago
Not really surprised, BT (Retail and Wholesale)is a service issue period.
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
put another plastic turd on your baseball cap.

Sounds like a bit of collateral damage in the "war on spam".
Posted by johnpepin over 9 years ago
It seems to be fixed now ,but hwo knows this is BT we are talking of.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
LOL ruskin0 i think you hit the nail on the head... BT (AKA Blindingly Terrible) LOL

@johnpepin... Expect it to all go wrong again when the poor overseas india bloke gets tired and cant hold the 2 bits of wire together any longer.
Posted by John-Turnbull over 9 years ago
What is particularly sad about this is the total disregard for the customer. It would not have taken a huge effort for BT to have given prior warning of the change with an explanation of its purpose.
Posted by Modifiedvibes over 9 years ago
LOL!!!! CARPETBURN those we guys in india get it tight!
Posted by hugh_williams over 9 years ago
Just what you get to expect from BT. The whole outfit is an utter shambles and utterly incompetent. Not only have they taken their eye off the ball, they aren't even in the stadium! If you deal with BT, simply expect the utmost grief and contempt from the employees: you will not be disappointed!
Posted by lucia220103 over 9 years ago
I agree with hugh_williams, I've never had anything but problems with BT. Unfortunately they were the only Broadband provider at our very small exchange, at the time.I live 1/4 of a mile from the exchange and haven't yet had the 'Think Broadband' speed test even reach 2MB let alone the 8MB that they are charging me for.I'll be changing providers as soon as I can.
Posted by loughray over 9 years ago
Tiscali Also! Recently Tiscali have been having outages on email system. Coincidence or a common problem? People complain about speed of connection in evenings when the vast majority of home users are online, this is nothing compared to business traffic during normal working day. Dropping off home users from email function is a simple way to give the freed up space back to businesses in the UK. Home email users will always find that their email accounts have little or no guaranteed service levels. Businesses can negotiate conditions better. Tiscali email disappears for a few hours daily.
Posted by Denis123 over 9 years ago
I am with BT Yahoo. About the time their system first went wrong, my home inbox started to double, treble and quadruple its archive, and now I have something like 140,000 emails in there. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how has it been solved? My e-mail (Mail on a Mac) is almost at a standstill.
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