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Old parts of Pipex group become GX Networks
Thursday 06 March 2008 19:22:57 by Andrew Ferguson

The old Pipex which had brands such as 123-reg and WebFusion under its umbrella was all set for a name change ever since the sale of the broadband and voice divisions to Tiscali was completed in September 2007. Those divisions that remained have now changed the name used on billing and other communications to GX Networks.

Customers with a Pipex broadband connection will still be known as Pipex broadband customers, since Tiscali has the rights to use the name in relation to broadband and phone services. While Tiscali is making the most of cost savings by moving customers from BT Wholesale IPstream products to Datastream or unbundled connections there are no signs that Pipex consumer broadband products will disappear.

This name change has come full circle in a way as GX Networks bought Pipex Communications back in 2003 and adopted the name Pipex Communications until this latest sale. The name changing may not yet be over for Pipex broadband customers though, since there is a fair amount of speculation and denial whether various parts of the pan-European Tiscali group may be sold off.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
From start to end the whole Pipex sale has been a shambles. The way customers are now being dealt with now is a shambles and it looks like future selling bits of Tiscali will be a shambles also... Thank god i saw all this coming and escaped a few months before all the sales rubbish occured.
Posted by keith_thfc over 9 years ago
Carpetburn - Pipex Group customers were being treated poorly long before Tiscali came sniffing around.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
The real treat em bad lark started when the company was on the slide, when it went looking for a buyer things got even worse... Shame in a way really they used to be superb, havent been superb for over 2 years though :(
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