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Carphone Warehouse has 1.6 million unbundled customers
Friday 18 January 2008 13:30:36 by Andrew Ferguson

The third quarter financial figures are now available for the Carphone Warehouse group. The group had a net addition of 118,000 customers to its AOL Broadband and Talk Talk divisions in the quarter, which is roughly one sixth of new broadband connections in the UK in that quarter. Some 221,000 customers were connected onto or moved onto a fully unbundled (Talk Talk) or shared LLU connection (AOL Broadband) in the quarter.

Talk Talk appears to have one of the most extensive networks of unbundled exchanges at 1533 exchanges. AOL Broadband is a little way behind with 924 exchanges offering a shared service. The difference between a fully and shared (partially) unbundled service is that with a shared service your telephone line is still with BT, where as with fully unbundled the new provider looks after both broadband and telephone line/calls.

Carphone Warehouse has a total of 2,604,000 broadband customers (1,598,000 of which are LLU), which is an increase of 21% in the 12 months since 29th December 2006.


Posted by pje1979 over 9 years ago
Talk Talk actually has 1629 unbundled exchanges and AOL is now up to 1049 according to
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
Wow thats a lot of idiots desperate for a 'free' laptop
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 9 years ago
Actually it does not tell us the split between Talk Talk and AOL Broadband.
Posted by ETEE over 9 years ago
Not all the TT unbundled exchanges listed on SamKnows have gone live. If you look in there is a list of dates when the various exchanges will be commissioned. TT's 3rd quarter results only stated 1533 TT exchanges were unbundled.
Posted by SamC over 9 years ago
Indeed, ETEE is correct. I spoke to TalkTalk yesterday and they confirmed that there were actually 1538 exchanges live and provided me with updated data. I'm hoping to incorporate the upcoming dates (as shown on TTMembers) soon.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
quote"Actually it does not tell us the split between Talk Talk and AOL Broadband."
Sorry i thought both of those at some point for the dates concerned had offered schemes such as free laptops and PS3s... did they not? I agree though it would be nice to have more exact break downs of Talk Talk and AOL figures.
Posted by ETEE over 9 years ago
924 AOL exchanges are unbundled and tend to overlap (but not always) with unbundled TT exchanges and when they do they share backhaul. There are of course also BTw IPstream connections for both services on other exchanges.

The free laptops and PS3s have only been offered with AOL LLU connections on a 24 month contract.

So the split between AOL & TT is clearly shown.
Posted by speechdsl over 9 years ago
I have been looking everywhere (no success) to find out how many people LEFT TalkTalk, as this third financial quarter was the one were people ending their 18 months contract reached out.

For me, if I was an investor, is the only thing I would want to know really, 30000 extra customers a month including Xmas time not really massive is it (considering it's "free"?


Equally, does Taltalk renew contract for another long period again (and do they inform customers about it) or from now on are they offering monthly contracts to those who signed for 18 months?
Posted by c_j_ over 9 years ago
Iirc, when I looked at the 18 month contracts, it was an 18 month minimum term, reverting to one month's notice thereafter. So the name of the game now is to find another long(ish) term lock-in, like the mobile networks are all trying at the moment.

The telcos in general used to do their very bestest to keep churn secret, partly because it *is* of great financial significance. They probably still do.

The ARPU is another important figure, one that is harder to keep secret (divide total revenue by relevant number of punters and you have ARPU).
Posted by sssfs236 over 9 years ago
I was approached 5 months ago by talk talk rep telling me I would have free broadband if I changed, I did not change, a neighbour did and is still waiting for the exchange to unbundle.
Posted by Keithei over 9 years ago
I joined TT at the beginning, before my exchange was unbundeled, I moved from BT & saved £30 per month.
I have had my share of problems but had with BT & I am now more critical of the service supplied.
Now unbundeled the problrms I have are still BT ones ie the line from the exchange sn is poor bt BT wont do anything because it works.
I have set up many friend with TT all bar one wth reliable connections & with money saving on ther previous arrangements.
The one with problems comes down to equipment & "fingers".
I wish I was a TT shareholder!
Posted by donwood over 9 years ago
I renewed my TalkTalk contract after the first/initial 18 months. Although not perfect the Broadband is fast enough for most users at 3.3 mbps Phone calls to U..A. (important to me) are free, as are all other calls except 0870/0845 no's Adverse comments all relate to very temporary disconnections at the busiest times of day/evening. T.T have never sorted this out and I guess will not whilst we run on copper cables in densly populated areas. as a reward !!! for renewing my contract I get 50% off my bills for 3 months. woodie
Posted by tony_butler over 9 years ago
It is a pity TalkTalk don't concentrate on providing enough bandwidth on it's LLU to cope with the number of customers. Every weekday between 3:30 and 6:30 my Broadband slows to a snails pace and then gets disconnected. It also happens sometimes at the weekend. Ironically I had very few disconnections during the school holidays.
Posted by donwood over 9 years ago
Thanks tony butler for confirming what T.T. will not. That there are just more customers than T.T. can cope with. I am not going to recommend any more people to TT as it will just clog up the lines even further. This may not help me but others who presently are geting solid connections. Why don't TT take notice and upgrade their lines. I have given up on their Tech and Customer services after 12 months of trying. Now resigned to what I get

Optimistic that Charlie Dunston will get the message one day
Posted by Stuartli over 9 years ago
>>Wow thats a lot of idiots desperate for a 'free' laptop>>

Typical piece of crap logic from a low intelligence contributor known as CARPETBURN.

The one thing I always say to my other half is: "Engage brain before opening mouth" - or, in this case, CARPETBURN typing similar stupid comments.

Posted by frog69 over 9 years ago
I hate to say it but! In the begining I was a loud voice shouting Talktalk down and I intended to leave when my 18 months was up. But it appears that my constant complaining to TT seems to have worked and I now have a 90% RELIABLE connection averaging at about 6Mb, so I have to admit I am now pleased with my service and I DO recommend TT to anyone who asks me.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
LMAO @ the car phone warehouse fanboy... run along and surf on your 'free' laptop or better yet go play some brain dead games on your PS3.
AOL, Talk Talk, call em whever you want (Carphone warehouse group) have always had silly offers like free laptops, free PS3, free broadband 'forever' (only its not). Me engage brain?? Im not one of the sheep that signed up to them LOL
Posted by donwood over 9 years ago
Carpetburn is obviously too shy to tell us what wonderful system he is using. Or how much he paid for his laptop. He seems to be a perfect example of an idiot. He has also missed the PC world offers, and does he never "Buy one get one Free" which we all know is another example of modern marketing
Posted by paulgeaf over 9 years ago
It takes a nanosecond to conclude that carpetburn (sorry that should be in CAPS I know!) is an idiot.
Anyone who uses LMAO or LOL is an idiot.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
^^^^ In that case hello idiot. You just type LMAO and LOL yourself in what may be the shortest sentence ever. Not that you realised that, you were too busy letting the single brain cell come up with the original you are an idiot comment.
Oh and for donwood... The system i use is called ADSL2+ which gives me more than double the speed you get from CPW. Wow im such an idiot to have a better, and faster service than you. Mind you i didnt get a free fisher price laptop... Oh the depression thats caused me. Jog on play with vista on you underpowered oversized calculator.
Posted by msl77 over 9 years ago
just like to say i used to be with bt for broadband with no problems at all. apart from the price. i moved to talktalk for both line rental and broadband. ok it was cheaper,the service was rubbish. from day 1 of being connected,no online account,slow speeds.i had 30days to try and cancel free.the problems i had along with many others no dowt, customer services are useless, i had to do thousands of test and traceroots coz they took part of info.i cancelled with in he 30 days and then they still tried to charge me and they broke the contract. dont go with them.
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