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BT Vision video on demand for Xbox 360
Monday 07 January 2008 11:49:44 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Retail is expanding the number of devices that the video on demand component of the BT Vision product will be available on. A partnership between Microsoft and BT will see the Xbox 360 supporting BT Vision content.

An item at MoneyAM mentions high-definition gaming, television and movies but it is not clear whether this new deal will see HD content delivered over the BT Vision service, or if it is just referring to the HD capabilities of the Xbox 360.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
If this is a service that is gonna offer HD content that the 360 can handle thats going to mean about 5gig per movie, i also dont see how it can be delivered in a stream or broadcast with current speeds or even to most with new BT adsl2+ services. In fact Given the mass of bandwidth that will be needed i just dont see how this is going to work.
Posted by whatever2 over 9 years ago
Well, i suppose it makes up for having an HD-DVD which is soon to be a dead format.

How does the FUP cope with BT Vision?

BT & MS in the same box...erm...i'll pass.
Posted by Wonko2oo2 over 9 years ago
ANY isp that has a FUP (Unpublished) or Cap should not be able to offer this kind of service.
Posted by therioman over 9 years ago
Presumably you'd still have to use BT's Total Broadband offering for the service though, and if so then that's still a total no-go for me, it'll be a cold day in hell first...
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
I think you will find that HD content will not be delivered via ISP - it will be a special 'channel' separate from the ISP service, so no 'bandwidth' problems...
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
- 24M without users to 'clog it up' should be fast enough...
Posted by whatever2 over 9 years ago
yep, BT vision requires BT broadband.
But the broadband limit isn't affected, but it still comes down the same pipe. Only those close to the exchange, as ever will see the upper limit of the speeds.
Posted by comnut over 9 years ago
hey, its BT... ya think they care??? their main customers live in the city, pay big money, and certainly dont....
Posted by ChrisRedpath over 9 years ago
BT couldn't pay me enough to have my broadband from BT Retail. My dad has BT Vision, but only because they gave him the box for free and at the same time put him on a different BB contract which is actually cheaper. He's not bothered connecting it yet in 4 months.
Posted by ChrisRedpath over 9 years ago
One more thing.. BT & MS in the same box - well the BT Vision box runs on the MS IPTV platform already, so it's really just a new set top box platform - the service has always been BT & MS.
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