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Update on Virgin Media ADSL gaming issues
Friday 07 December 2007 11:54:22 by Andrew Ferguson

We published a news item on Monday 3rd December 2007 covering the problems that Virgin Media ADSL customers have been reporting on our forums. We have now received a statement from Virgin Media.

"In the last couple of weeks work has been undertaken to address issues we have been facing with routing and broadband speeds on our ADSL network. While improvements have been made, some changes in settings have unfortunately led to a few problems for some customers running applications such as games as these have conflicted with a router software upgrade. Virgin Media is working to address these issues as soon as possible and apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Statement from Virgin Media spokesperson

We have been assured that the current gaming problems do not relate to any traffic management changes, so it looks to be a case of those affected waiting for this router software upgrade issue to be addressed. With the Christmas holiday season almost upon us there will be many receiving a games console for Christmas and if a game has an online component to it this could bring disappointment for some.

Gaming all to often carries an image of teenagers glued to their games machine for days on end who complain about the slightest rise in latency - but the reality is probably that there are many more occasional players who have yet to complain about any actual problem. Those posting on our forums are talking about a total inability to play rather than just bad lag and jittery game play.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
quote"Virgin Media is working to address these issues as soon as possible and apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Translation= We dont give a flying you know what and no we wont be refunding you for the so called service we provide.
Posted by leroy over 9 years ago
Carpetburn your translation is spot on. I finally got some truth from the remote support facility who admitted the gaming problem and reffering to the fix said "Is not going to be at least until next year".

Time for me to jump ship which is costly but worth every penny!
Posted by mcbazza over 9 years ago
That responce from VM is a load of cr*p.
Why did it suddenly happen? What caused it? Or, are they really admitting that they simply don't know?
Why can't it be fixed quicker? What's holding them back? What are they prepared to do to those that this affects? Refunds? Waive our "exit fee"?

I'm certainly not happy with this response.

They've also changed something since the 6th, as my latency monitoring shows ping hasn't gone above 100ms - normally (peak) it would be 220-280ms:
Posted by mcbazza over 9 years ago
Move over to 'Be'.
If you use Quidco to refer yourself, you earn £55 cashback.
If you also get a friend to refer you, you both get a free month.

Both of which more than cover the £50 'exit fee' at Virgin.
Posted by tomlawton over 9 years ago
Ugh. I bit the bullet and agreed to the £50 extortion, just so I can get a MAC and get on with my life. They're currently offering 1 month's "goodwill" payment if you stay, but haven't yet got the sense to waive the exit fee. Anyway; now to hit them with Section H, Paragraph 2, Section b, Subsection ii of their T&Cs, and take them to the ISPA. Interestingly, CISAS seems to have vanished....
Posted by mcbazza over 9 years ago
They offered me £30 to stay. No chance. Told the bloke that £3000 and Caprice's phone number wouldn't be enough.
Posted by lierobs over 9 years ago
I kicked Virgin into touch months ago. They are worse than BT were 3 years ago.

Now i'm with Demon and loving every minute :)
Posted by amips over 9 years ago
Anyone with a BT line is lucky-you can choose to vote with your feet against Virgin and choose from MANY ISPs. Some of us live on estates where there is only a Virgin cable so we are stuck with them!
Posted by mcbazza over 9 years ago
Virgin Media (ADSL) are (for me) dumped as of this morning.
Bye-bye to sync'ing at 3100/448, and never getting better than 2500/350 @ 220ms latency.

Hello 'Be' with 4105/1174, getting 3500/820 @ 28ms.

Ok, so it cost me £50 "exit fee" to leave Virgin Media early. But, it was £50 well spent. I hope Beardy Branson puts it towards more bandwidth on the centrals, or towards his "coming soon" LLU roll-out.
Posted by BravoLima over 9 years ago
NOT GOOD ENOUGH VIRGIN! I couldn't even log in to the PS3's Network, Xbox Live lags, and downloading demos my bandwidth was capped to half a meg and at times outside the 'peak' hours. With tv and movie downloads coming to both next gen consoles Virgin Media's approach to 'traffic management' simply will not do. The service from VM is a disgrace, the customer service i have experienced has been a disgrace, and a £50 exit fee for a substandard service is a disgrace! Customers should be given the option to leave now for free. I would seriously advise people search elsewhere for an isp.
Posted by cinnamongirl over 9 years ago
VM have done nothing but try to fob people off for ages now. The best thing I did was to dump Virgin Media - speed at worst 102 download (should be "up to 8Mbps"), at best (once) 3100. Now I get 6400 download with BT - Yahoo!!!!! Virgin are an absolute disgrace. My friend has also left them, talk about a sinking ship!!!!!
Posted by wezers over 9 years ago
have been with vm adsl for six months, have had so many problems it is less than funny! Will now cancel and move else where, customer support is as bad as its service. I am also cancelling my virgin credit card and will never use there products again. I will also never recommend virgin to anyone ever. In fact i will probably go out of my way to discourage them.
Posted by wezers over 9 years ago
spoke to virgin this mornign, they want £140 to cancell. They even told me that the problems will not be fixed until late January 2008. It is not fair that i should pay for a service i can not use. I have made a complaint with ofcom and now written a letter as well.
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