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Satellite Access via BTopenworld
Tuesday 31 July 2001 14:49:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The subject has been in the news before, but more details of the service are emerging.

BTopenworld in partnership with Gilat are to launch a two-way satellite broadband service in November 2001. The service is aimed at SOHO amd SME's in the Highlands and islands of Scotland and Northern Ireland, i.e. to cover the areas of the UK that arent likely to see DSL service for some time.

Price indications are that it will be around £100/month for speeds similar to the existing 512kbps ADSL products.

For business's in these areas it's should make quite a large difference, as the two way link negates the need for a land based upstream path.

The HIE's director for business growth, Douglas MacDiarmid is quoted as saying "It is very important to us that the Highlands and Islands reputation for having advanced telecommunications is maintained and enhanced, as such we are very pleased that BT have selected the area to pilot this broadband service via satellite. The huge advantage of a satellite solution is its ability to deliver the same level of service throughout the area, from Shetland to Kintyre. It sweeps away the idea of peripherality, with businesses in this area able to operate on a level playing field with competitors elsewhere."


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