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O2 to include truly 'unlimited' data with iPhone
Tuesday 06 November 2007 11:58:23 by John Hunt

O2 have decided to scrap the fair usage policy it was planning on imposing on the data usage for the iPhone which is available in the UK from Friday. Existing 'unlimited' packages available on O2 tariffs are subject to a fair usage policy that limits monthly use. This new truly 'unlimited' option for the iPhone will help confuse customers even more as it adds a third meaning to O2's definition of 'unlimited'.

Depending which package you subscribe to, a fair usage policy limits the data you can use on packages they claim are 'unlimited'. With the 'O2 Web Bolt On', you receive an 'unlimited' inclusive data of 200MB (megabytes) per month. If you subscribe to 'O2 Web Max', you also receive 'unlimited' data, but in this instance it is 3GB (gigabytes) per month. O2 are said to be reviewing the fair usage limits for other non-iPhone packages.

O2 are keen to encourage iPhone users to use the Internet, and are probably happier to make the service actually unlimited as the phone is already bandwidth limited by the lack of broadband Internet access, such as 3G, that has been available on other handsets for some years. O2 have been especially upgrading their GPRS access to EDGE to enable the fastest possible Internet support for the iPhone, however many users may be unimpressed by the downgrade in speed they receive compared with 3G and HSDPA which has been available on other common handsets.


Posted by keith_thfc over 9 years ago

O2 marketing director Sally Cowdry said: "customer feedback has been that if we say unlimited, it should be unlimited".

I'll believe that when they scrap the FUP on their new broadband service.

The iPhone doesn't have 3G so hardly a big deal if O2 give you genuinely unlimited use with that.

I wonder if they will extend the same gesture to their new O2 broadband.

Posted by PeteK over 9 years ago
The BB is Be stuff (as I am sure you know) and while they have a FUP in place, we are aware of a couple of universities using Be connections to each of their halls of residence, and believe me they do terrabytes of data a month. Be have never grumbled, even if the "stowdents" do use > 5meg car on each one!
Posted by herdwick over 9 years ago
the challenge is whether Be would continue to act like this if they and/or O2 got a decent number of customers on an exchange such that its 100M connection started to get a bit stressed ?
Posted by nmg196 over 9 years ago
I don't understand.

Is it "unlimited" or is it 200MB a month? It can't be both because they're mutually exclusive. "Unlimited" means you can download as much as you want without any restrictions or cost increase at all.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
LOL what a joke, if any proof were needed they will screw up the bethere service when they take over (oohh and sooner or later they will) this is it. Not been here five minutes and already sending out confusing and conflicting information to customers, another to add to the never to join list.
Posted by rygar1 over 9 years ago
LOL. If I look up "cynical" in an encyclopedia, will your photo be there Carpetburn?
Posted by The_Engineer over 9 years ago
Either way, the iphone is pants without 3G and a decent camera.The Gadget Show were not impressed.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 9 years ago
quote"LOL. If I look up "cynical" in an encyclopedia, will your photo be there Carpetburn?"

No but if you look up 'realist' it will be.
Posted by danman7_200 over 9 years ago
I'm quite disappointed with O2. They were once leaders but now seem content to drag their feet compared to other networks, not really offering anything different but releasing services other mobile companies released a while ago.

I definitely will not be buying the Iphone until it at least gets 3G and goes down a bit in price. Paying top dollar for the device, and then an expensive 18 MONTH contract is silly.

I've used the Safari browser on the Ipod touch using WIFI and it's pretty impressive! Using it on the Iphone on EDGE, im guessing, won't be!
Posted by Jackkelly32 over 9 years ago
Posted by Jackkelly32 over 9 years ago
my experience with BT used to took upon them as buying British Product Now they are further away from home than!!
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