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O2 Broadband launched with 100-day guarantee
Monday 15 October 2007 12:13:48 by Andrew Ferguson

A few providers offer contracts with guarantee periods allowing users to find the service isn't suitable for them to leave without penalty for what would otherwise be a contractual service, but O2 Broadband has launched a service with a 100-day guarantee, though you will need to sign-up by the end of January 2008 to take advantage of this offer.

Most of the details of the packages have been covered previously, but here's a round-up of the announced packages:

  • Free connection until 31st January 2008
  • Unlimited usage (but fair usage policy applies)
  • Wireless router included
  • Free 0800 customer support number
  • Three McAfee security licenses
  • Static IP address option (£5 per month)
  • 12-month contract (with 100-day guarantee)

The Standard service at up to 8Mbps service will be £7.50 a month whilst the Premium package offers connection speeds of up to 16Mbps at monthly cost of £10. The Ultimate package with speeds up to 20Mbps costs £15. Ultimate also offers 1.6Mbps upstream speeds compared to 1.3Mbps on the other products. These prices assume that you have an O2 mobile contract. Those without one can purchase the services at an additional £10 per month.

A number of other exceptional charges can apply if you move house or have your account suspended and need re-connection. One particular one worth noting is the £50 early cancellation charge which applies if you wish to terminate the contract within the first 12 months (but after the 100 day guarantee period).

It is worth noting that whilst this guarantee is welcome, there are many services out there which only operate a month-by-month contract, however they can still include termination charges so this deal is worth considering.


Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
Very pleased to see the 100 day guarantee.

A real breath of fresh air in an industry rife with services that are deliberately mis-sold as "unlimited" with no get-out clause when the reality turns out to be a traffic shaped disaster.

£7.50 for up to 8 meg unlimited looks a great deal for anyone with an O2 contract, especially heavy users.

Look forward to seeing the new O2 TB forum section soon.....
Posted by g-bhxu over 10 years ago
It will all go pear-shaped on day 101!
Posted by pepsi_max2k over 10 years ago
Quoted from another forum:

"Just spoke to a very nice CSR who seemed to know what he was talking about!

The Standard package is a DSL Max service while the Premium & Ultimate packages are both DSL2 services. He seemed to suggest that these were not "scaled" DSL2 services ie. if you have a signal attenuation of greater than 40db (approx.), you'll get the same download sync rate for Premium or Ultimate packages."
Posted by adamskelton over 10 years ago
I've also just spoken to a very nice lady at the O2 call centre.

At the moment I have a BeThere Pro account, but living almost 2k from the exchange, I only get a sync rate of 1,806 / 14,551 kbps with AnnexM switched on.

Tthe woman at the call centre said that they wouldn't sell me the Ultimate package, as I can only get a max sync of 15,500kbps even with AnnexM switched off.

£10 a month for what I've previously been paying £24 a month is a pretty amazing deal though. Even if I have to sign up for a 12 month contract.
Posted by lunatic over 10 years ago
hmmn so even though their ultimate is 20M/1.6M and you get 15/1.8 they won't sell you ultimate -- thats not very good. Why cant there be a decent ISP on LLU :(
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
quote" O2 Broadband has launched a service with a 100-day guarantee"
quote"Unlimited usage (but fair usage policy applies)"
quote"One particular one worth noting is the £50 early cancellation charge"
TRANSLATION=after the 100 days we will throttle you with our FUP and limit your monthly use so bad you will want to leave and we will be happy to fleece you for another 50 quid.
Posted by Hysteria over 10 years ago

I'm pretty sure they're 8mb service isn't a Max service, otherwise the upload speed wouldn't be quoted as up to 1.3mb, and I'd be able to sign up. As using their checker, they're not doing my exchange, pointing to only BE-enabled exchanges currently. I could be wrong of course!
Posted by davidmaynard1976 over 10 years ago
as with most other suppliers they dont supply in my area. Im an 02 customer too.
Posted by davidmaynard1976 over 10 years ago
also i only live 3 miles from reading town centre silly eh i could understand if i was in the countryside
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
even 2 miles from Reading town centre you could be in the middle of a lot of fields, but what has that to do with the price of fish ?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
davidmaynard1976 - obviously your exchange is not LLU capable if it were then you could have the service. This isnt like BT max products.
Even if your exchange is enabled you may only live 3 miles from it but the actual LINE length could be double that, which again would obviously mean no ADSL2+ for you (or atleast not very fast adsl2+).
Posted by rasczak over 10 years ago
Exchange not LLU capable ? They are all LLU capable, just that these providers will only cherry pick the ones that make the most money when they could easily upgrade them all. Of course their duty to their shareholders is to make profit not provide specific services. Why is this OK for some companies and not others though ?
Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
Carpetburn - be* have had a £50 express cancellation fee since day 1 with no money back guarantee - yet there's not been any throttling.

Don't see why O2 can't be any different if management are prepared to invest in capacity.
Posted by TuffLittleUnit over 10 years ago
"these providers will only cherry pick"

So what strategy would YOU use for rolling out LLU? Targeting the exchanges which hit the largest number of subscribers first seems eminently sensible to me. Nobody's going to hit every exchange simultaneously because of the cost/complexity so how else would you roll out? Alphabetically? Start in the Scottish Isles and work south? If we'd reached a point where Be/O2 had stopped their rollout programme you may have a point but they haven't.
Posted by rasczak over 10 years ago
My point is that there are posters here who see it as fine for some companies, for financial reason, to provide services at the most profitable exchanges but not at others, at least in the short term, but is is a heinous crime worthy of public hanging if other specific companies will not provide, for the same financial reasons, the services those posters want, at the price they want.
Posted by rasczak over 10 years ago
That said, there are some of the LLU providers who appear to have no intention of going beyond their current rollout. IMHO there should be some sort of USO where if you advertise nationally you should be able to provide nationally within a set timeframe.
Posted by adamskelton over 10 years ago
Just a quick note for anyone moving over from Be.

At the moment there is a problem with using the MAC code within the same network to move across, so I'm being told I have to wait for my Be connection to be cancelled, before I can apply for my o2 connection.

Apparently they are working on it, but pretty frustrating as being told I might be without broadband for a week or so.
Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
That's just insane Adam. Although I recall SKY/UK Online had a similar issue at first.

Seems to suggest other might be better off holding tight with be* until O2 sort this one out.
Posted by LynnMc over 10 years ago
I signed up on launch day, I couldn't wait to get away from BT, although I am a bit anxious that it might all go pear-shaped. We'll see, the O2 Broadband will be activated on 23rd Oct, but it has gone smoothly so far and they have been very good at keeping me informed with what is happening.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
QUOTE"Carpetburn - be* have had a £50 express cancellation fee since day 1 with no money back guarantee - yet there's not been any throttling."
Yeah bethere dont tie you to a 12 month contract though.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
quote"That said, there are some of the LLU providers who appear to have no intention of going beyond their current rollout."
And why should they? Firstly they have to line the competitions pockets... that being BT before they are allowed into the exchange and secondly whats the point in offering fast LLU services when alot of the area covered by some exchanges would see no improvement due to line length.
Posted by rasczak over 10 years ago
So LLU operators shouldn't have to go beyond their current rollout, fair enough, but then that should apply to all operators. Carpetburn, and it appears his shills, seem to think that as long as he has his UK Online service at the speed he wants then no-one else matters. I ask again, why is it OK for some companies to look after their shareholders by putting profit first, but not for others. Of course I know this won't be answered as it will show some true colours.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
The only company that puts it share holders first from what i can see with regards to broadband is BT. Why should a independant LLU broadband supplier be forced to give BT more money, just to use their exchange? If they dont want to they shouldnt have to. If you can answer why they should then ill agree apply rules to all operators, until then you cant apply a blanket rule if certain companys end up doing better out of the deal than others.
Posted by rasczak over 10 years ago
So the reason that Sky, UK Online, Be, Talk Talk et al are not unbundling all the exchanges in the UK in the short term is not because there is no immediate profit in doing so and so their shareholders would not be looked after ?
Posted by rasczak over 10 years ago
I also wonder what sort of 'company' that Carpetburn runs ? He seems willing to allow anyone else who wants to run the a company supplying the same goods or services to operate out of his premises and doesn't want a penny from that company in rent or anyting. Well he must be as that is what he is advocating that BT do for LLU operators.
Posted by logicblock over 10 years ago
Spoke to a very helpful guy today who told me my line was capable of 20.7M. Signed up for the Ultimate package which starts on the 25/10.
Posted by cscsonline over 10 years ago
I 'm with Be Unlimited (owned by O2) and can thoroughly recommend their service, so I woukld think that the O2 offering will be good to. The speeds are superb.
Posted by ruskin0 over 10 years ago
Can i enquire as to how many exchanges o2 have activated within Northern Ireland ? Answer = NONE,great start o2.

I wonder how many phones they sold on the strength of their mighty launch. So much for a nationwide launch.
Posted by dc07703 over 10 years ago
I placed my order on Monday evening (15th) and 1 week later (22nd), I'm on a running very nice speeds. I'm no expert but I have found O2 to be very good so far. Let's see what happens over the next 90 odd days.....
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