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Sign ups to Talk Talk broadband slowing down
Wednesday 10 October 2007 12:16:44 by Andrew Ferguson

The Carphone Warehouse is a large group and benefits from its mixture of high street and online presence, so a slow down in broadband growth is easily swallowed up with increased sales elsewhere. The latest numbers which cover the second quarter of the year can now be read on

Carphone Warehouse had forecast 103,000 net broadband sign ups on its AOL Broadband and Talk Talk brands, but this has fallen short at 89,000. Pinning down exact reasons is difficult, but the ever increasing amount of competition in the bundle market is probably having a large effect, which means the Talk Talk bundles are perhaps not as financially attractive as in the past. It is worth pointing out that the free laptop deal via AOL Broadband will not be featuring in the number of sign ups. The effect of this is likely to be seen in the third quarters results.

It is no secret that the pricing of the Talk Talk bundles relies heavily on being able to unbundle the customers telephone line and broadband connection. Even the surcharge for those outside LLU areas barely covers the extra costs incurred. The last quarter saw 411,000 customers moved over to the unbundled AOL broadband and Talk Talk networks, which means out of the 2.5 million broadband customers in the group, 1.4 million are on an unbundled connection.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Maybe people are finally realising once talky talky get hold of your phone line reporting problems or just getting plain rid of them is a pain in the backside... Phone support from talky talk has never been their strong point and waiting upto 10 weeks for a MAC code which was reporte in another story on here says enough about them.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
If you mean

it says 7 to 10 weeks to get service fully working. Migrating away from an unbundled Talk Talk service does not use the MAC process, but should be a simultaneous provide process, or return to donor.
Posted by Danny1967 over 10 years ago
I'm not surprised it is slowing down. I'm still unable to understand how their customer service can be as truly appalling as it is. It got to the stage where I had to sort of my sister's difficulty with them via a newspaper's consumer column:,,2179075,00.html
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
quote"If you mean
it says 7 to 10 weeks to get service fully working...."
Yes you are quite right andrew thata teach me not to go and re-read old news first lol, having said that 10 weeks to get up and running doesnt exactly shout praise on them either.
Posted by g-bhxu over 10 years ago
....And no doubt you've blown your 7 days cooling off period too!
Posted by haselbury over 10 years ago
Well there is a lot of history out there ... I've had no real problems. It took 2 weeks to activate in August. Had one setup problem with broadband which CS helped me with straight away. Had one problem with phone which turned out to be home wiring - TT diagnosed promptly.Broadband is working reliably at 2.5-3Mb, which is faster than I've ever had here with PlusNet or BT Broadband. In fact its consistently faster in throughput than my BT Busniness Broadband account on a 2nd line which my company pays £55/month for ... I'm on an unbundled exchange.
Posted by tonybh over 10 years ago
While I have been with talk talk and their free braodband offer for 11 months, it has been the most frustrating 11 months of my life. The service is inconsistent, the customer service is non existant, (I have spent over 22 hours on the phone during this period, trying to rectify problems and almost lost the will to live on occasions), their Indain/South African call centres are the worst I have ever had to deal with. The call centre telephone lines have the voice quality of two tins and a piece string and when the promise to ring back, they never do.
Posted by champollion2 over 10 years ago


After being a Customer from Talk Talk, 14 months, and the last 5 months it has been horrible, the Broadband IS NOT WORKING, after 6 PM until midnight, then you call the customer service in India, and it is absolutely POOR, so how they want to attract more people when they are offering a very poor service to the current customers. NO SHAME AT ALL.

Last week I decided to move back to BT and now I am in the process to reconnect, so I strongly reccoment to anybody considering this company think twice as they will take your money and Run,
Posted by Legacy over 10 years ago
I've had Nothing but isntability since the 'unbundling' of my local exchange (1.5 miles away)
Connection drops for both voice and BB.... It's blamed on my router (Even though settings haven't changed) then it magically connects again. reconnects a few times everyday....

NOTHING has changed within the house !!
Posted by haselbury over 10 years ago
guess I'm lucky then. I was wary but I'm happy:
- indian call centre was very helpful on broadband & resolved my setup problem quickly (much better than Tiscali's who I tried over and over again)
- support line quality was fine (not tinny)
- rock solid broadband - no drops at all using a Netgear router
- consistently fast broadband throughput (better than BT)
- TT called me back promptply about 10 times whilst resolving my wiring problem.

Maybe I'm lucky because I'm on a rural unbundled exchange.
Posted by hitchers over 10 years ago
Beeen with Talktalk for 18 months, since exchange unbundled have consistant speeds of 4-5Mb, very few drops. Had a line fault,outside to the pole, fixed via cust support in India within 48hrs. Cust support has improved, with the free international calls its perfect for me.
Posted by Stuartli over 10 years ago
Does CARPETBURN ever have anything positive to say?

Such rants are now becoming utterly boring and certainly predictable.

I've been with TalkTalk since a year last April - speeds are between 6.4MB and 7.2MB, whilst my overall BB and telephone costs have dropped by at least a half since I ditched Tiscali.

I'd been with Tiscali since the WorldOnline days.
Posted by carpking57 over 10 years ago
sooner or later Talktalk will get what they deserve,hopefully.after 7 weeks with no service nthen 3 days use and it stops again.I was promised a new router over 2 months ago and guess what,2 arrived today!What a bunch of morons.Customer service is a total waste of time,they dont care,all they want to do is get you off the phone by any means possible,even lying through their teeth.The biggest bunch of rip off merchants.I cant wait for the contract to expire!
Posted by aciddave over 10 years ago
Carpking57 - just noticed your comment, thought i might make a suggestion. If you've been unable to use the service for 7 weeks due to their faulty equipment, does that mean you can terminate your contract for a breach of contract? woth looking into.......
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
quote"Does CARPETBURN ever have anything positive to say?"

Yes i do, heres one example
ill let you figure out how to use the news archieve section to find others.
Posted by smilerandy9 over 10 years ago
My connection is the same as Legacy. Sometimes it works and other times it does not. They blame my router and my computer. Though after spending time talking with technical support in Scotland it works a lot faster when it does work. Though I still would not recommend it.
Posted by Legacy over 10 years ago
I have the DG834g v1 - i've just ordered a v3, as i understand mine 'shouldn't ' be compatible..... we will see....... internet is NO faster than .4mbs even though connection speed = 8.1mbs [angry]
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