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Be lowers prices of its products
Wednesday 10 October 2007 10:32:57 by Andrew Ferguson

Be who offer ADSL2+ over an unbundled network has announced that from October 10th the pricing for their Be Unlimited and Be Pro products will be reduced. As of 10:30am, their website is still to update, but the announcement can be read in full on our forums.

Be Unlimited was £24 a month but is now reducing to £18 a month. This product offers rate adaptive up to 24Mbps downstream connection speeds and up to 1.3Mbps upstream speeds and comes with a dynamic IP address. A static IP address is available upon request and is free now rather than costing £4 a month. An email address is an option you can pay for.

Be Pro which was previously £40 a month has now dropped in price to £22 a month. The same downstream speeds are offered, but the product uses ADSL2+ Annex M to offer an upstream speed of up to 2.5Mbps and an inclusive static IP address.

The price reductions apply to both new and existing customers. Existing customers will see the reduction on their December invoice with a refund being given for the period between 10th October and 30th November.

When you look at the O2 broadband pricing that appeared a week ago, price reductions for the Be products are perhaps no big surprise. For those who do not know the link between O2 and Be, O2 owns Be which in turn is owned by Telefonica.

Be, while always popular with the power user segment of the market, has a low market share at just 30,000 customers, but the new prices undercut a lot of other players, particularly when you look at the Be Pro product. The question now will be how the provider will cope if there is a rush of sign-ups because of this new pricing.


Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
"The question now will be how the provider will cope if there is a rush of sign-ups because of this new pricing."

Especially if be* were to be a little braver and started advertising/marketing the lack of speed restrictions compared to other non-LLU services such as those from Tiscali, AOL, Pipex and Orange.

Posted by shaunhw over 10 years ago
I would hope that restrictions are not imposed al al Tiscali, Pipex et al... I would prefer otherwise to carry on paying the current prices, or have alternative accounts. After all, they aren't expensive for what we've been getting, but I have 2 pro accounts for work, (one in our office) and I don't need silly bandwidth restrictions at any cost
Posted by doowles over 10 years ago
Awesome! I will be signing up asap
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
"High speed" didn't work, so try "low price" instead :-)

Reminiscent of Three's discovery that cheap voice was the killer app for mobile.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
sounds giid at first but its really the first stage of demise... 1 get more customers tha you can handle 2 get o2 to take over and royally screw said customers.... ah corporate business dont you just love it.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
^^ sorry for errors above stupid wireless technology and batteries :(
Posted by bosie over 10 years ago
Price cuts are generally welcome except that cheap ADSL everywhere else has ended up becoming overcooked chips. If Be* can pull off increasing customer numbers without decreasing standards, fantastic.
Posted by oliverwilson over 10 years ago
Posted by harrassed over 10 years ago
I have been a *Be customer for the last 4 months on their 24 mbp Unlimited download service and whilst full of praise for their 24/7 Tech Help team I am still struggling to get half the speed I was advised I would get living only 700 metres from the BR exchange.
I am delighted with the price drop but also hope this will not lead to a drop in customer/tech help service and long waits! Chris.
Posted by farci over 10 years ago
I have had BE 24meg service for two months and I like the tech help (especially 0808 number!). Has anyone else had issues with the wireless performance of the BeBox(Speedtouch)? Mine keeps dropping out although the wired connection is very stable
Posted by Flaco over 10 years ago
Harrassed: I'm about 200yds away from the LE and I get just under 19Mbps and it's about 95% stable on wired connection. Used to run at over 21Mbps but asked them to throttle back the profile to make it more stable and avoid drop-outs and wild speed variations (poor copper quality around here). Make sure your BeBox has got the latest drivers - if you leave it powered-up constantly they can do it remotely.
Posted by Flaco over 10 years ago
Farci: yes, I've also noted wireless drop-outs. The wireless connection on the laptop starts to show a figure of just 1Mbps but in reality there is no throughput, although the desktop pc simultaneously confirms the link is still up at high speed and functional. A reboot [laptop] sorts the problem, but it is still annoying. Happens with two separate laptops to me, so I'm confident the problem lies with the BeBox, even on the latest driver.
Posted by cockney007 over 10 years ago
Be would do a lot better if they accepted payment other than by credit card.
I tried to sign up but they dont accept payment by direct debit or standing order.
I know of a number of people who have had the same response.
As i tried to point out to Be, not everyone has or wants a credit card but they did'nt seem bothered-their loss.
Posted by GJaxx over 10 years ago
Can't see where you're coming from cockney007. I pay using my normal debit card, not a credit card. Payment goes through automatically once a month as a POS without any input from me.
Posted by cockney007 over 10 years ago
GJaxx:Sorry i did not make myself clear enough-i dont have a credit or debit card nor do i want them.
Be that as it may, it does'nt alter the fact that Be does not accept direct debit where as most,if not all, other ISP's do.
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