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Virgin Media in trial to increase 4Mbps to 10Mbps
Monday 01 October 2007 09:18:40 by Andrew Ferguson

We almost missed this news snippet over on digital spy as we had assumed it was relating to the Virgin Media 50 Mbps cable broadband trials.

About 13,000 customers in Preston, Blackpool and Wigan will have their cable modems downstream speed increased from 4 to 10Mbps and the upstream increased from 384Kbps to 512Kbps.

We already have a premium broadband service offering download speeds of up to 20Mbps, but we’ll use this trial to listen to feedback from customers experiencing a significant speed increase on our middle tier of service [...] We want to ensure all of our broadband customers continue to get the best possible experience.

Ernie Cormier, Virgin Media managing director of group strategy

We suspect this may mean Virgin Media are considering this upgrade across the country without there being a significant increase in the price of the service. This could be of particular importance with BT Wholesale due to roll out ADSL2+ next year which will significantly increase competition in the market.

Some posters on our forums would no doubt suggest Virgin Media should invest in infrastructure so the fair use policy can be relaxed to allow those who already pay for 10 to 20Mbps connections to enjoy those kinds of speeds more often. At least with Virgin Media people know what the policy is, whilst many providers deny traffic management takes place or refuse to give even basic details on how it works.


Posted by hoodamanny over 10 years ago
Perhaps they should invest in having a non Premium rate (25p per minute) support line for when customers stumble the regular dire speeds or complete loss of connectivity for long periods of time. The only thing working at Virgin, is the marketing department.
Posted by mother over 10 years ago
This just gets my goat. I pay for a 20mbit service but I'm lucky if I get 2mbit on evening and weekends because the cable network is so oversubcribed. Now Virgin are going to create an even bigger bottleneck by upgrading everone on 4mbit to 10mbit. As the last poster indicated, if only the broadband worked as well as the marketing department.
Posted by fox-uk over 10 years ago
Try complaining to Virgin, if you are not getting the service you are paying for.
The premium line is in India and contracted out.Complain till you are blue in the teeth and eventually you get on to real UK based engineers and a complaints department that takes customers seriously.
The Indian outsource needs basic training in Disability Awareness and basic good manners. They know little or nothing of their product other than the 're-initialise' sequence that is printed on the top or new Virgin modems.
Posted by culculun over 10 years ago
I agree with the other posters, I also pay for te 20mb service at the moment I am getting half of that, which is ridiculous, now they are increasing tghe 2mb service to 10mb at our expense, taht is just not right.
Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
"At least with Virgin Media people know what the policy is"


Are customers clearly made aware of these restrictions when they sign up? All I see is a link to a huge page of waffly we-can-do-what-we-want-when-we-want AUP rubbish.
Posted by koolmillLG over 10 years ago
Virgin Media in Solihull does not have the capacity to deliver the speed they are claiming. The UBR (main network switch) has been running at 100% for months now and this effectively limits the speed to about 4.5 meg reducing to as low as 150k at peak times.

Virgin Media management are aware of this problem yet continue to advertise a 20 meg service and take payment for this when they know, and have known, for months that the max they can deliver is less than 25% of the stated speed.

They have no intention of delivering the speed so why is this not fraud?
Posted by koolmillLG over 10 years ago
My uplink speed doubled when they switched on my V+ box. Coincidence! Maybe but I was paying for the XL service before and after the V+ box so I presume that the V+ box needs the faster speed.

Is there a two tier service for customers paying for TV getting a better service than those paying only for broadband!

Is this legal?
Posted by ipollock over 10 years ago
Hi folks, remember not all problems are related to the link. I've had a few over the years and only one was the link. All connections are shared and are subject to contention ratios. In an area where there are 10 users you'll get a better speed compared to an area where there are 100. Equipt dependant. It's always worth having your equipment calibrated too, for example your modem and pc are set with base standards. Kinda like driving at 30 on the motorway when your car can actually do 70. Have a local engineer fine tune your PC and modem MTU. I think the upgrade will benefit us all. Thanks
Posted by JohnEdwards over 10 years ago
After much complaint, I found the Indian helpdesk quite good. They were able to test my (old ntl) modem online and quickly found that it was not even capable of receiving the 4mb service I was paying for (having been upgraded 'for free' several times over the years)! They quickly arranged for a replacement - which failed on day one! The second has worked fine though - and I find I usually get around 3.5mb. I'm looking forward to the next upgrade - which Virgin has told me will be to 8mb.
Posted by Birdseye3 over 10 years ago
It seems to me that if you are on copper as opposed to cable, you cannot get near the connection speeds quoted by Virgin. My "8mb" service gives me between 80kb and 1.8mb. I have tried with all phone lines disconnected from my network so that the only wired connection to the exchange is my router. This showed no improvement in speed. Exchange is only 800metres from me. Contact with Virgin has proved fruitless. Will change my ISP when contract expires
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
quote "we’ll use this trial to listen to feedback from customers experiencing a significant speed increase on our middle tier of service [...] We want to ensure all of our broadband customers continue to get the best possible experience."
LMFAO talk amount management that have sheltered lives behind the door of their office LMFAO
Posted by Royf over 10 years ago
Virgin Media have enough problems supplying 150k let alone 10 meg. They would do a lot better sorting out there contention ratio and maybe getting it down to 20 . The amazing thing with virgin is it is never there fault. I have a dedicated broad band connection and most evenings get 0.1meg on the so called 8 meg connection. They may listen to customers but take no notice of what they say.
Posted by derrico over 10 years ago
If Virgin met the advertised download speed now it would be something, I pay for 4M but rearely meet 3!!
Posted by amips over 10 years ago
BIRDSEYE3 - Changing your ISP will not alter the up/download capacity of your aging copper cable! Contention ratio is the main problem - too many commuters, not enough buses!! BT say it would take 28 years working FULL-TIME with the number of engineers they currently have to replace these old cables.
Posted by kingtomo over 10 years ago
well i dont wanna speak to soon but i had no probs with the virgin 4 meg service it regular at 3.8 and the traffic management i think i the best idea if it works that come out of broadband at least you know it gonna happen just leave it down loading through the night how simple iz that
Posted by nospam over 10 years ago
I've been with NTL for the last 6 years, have had really cr*ppy customer service and have been lied to, but the actual internet service remains top notch take a lookee here :


Posted by nospam over 10 years ago
try this -->
Posted by 2doorsbob over 10 years ago
its my understanding virgin media will credit any calls to the customer for tech support if the fault lies with them, but i am awhere of certian black spots reguarding bandwidth , they should ensure that everyone stands a fair chance of getting what they pay for
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 10 years ago
I'm allready on a Virgin "4Mbit" service which rarely breaks 1Mbit (and so do other people on the street, for reference). I DON'T want this "upgrade", because it's going to further saturate the local UBR and drop my speeds.
Posted by 2doorsbob over 10 years ago
if all of you complian the fault will be esculated and more ubrs will be added ..i'm not saying this will happen overnight ..but they will have to do something if it means loseing customers ..also you could try tweaking your connection by finding your modems ip addy and using it as your default gateway ..not forgetting to name your pc's ip within the same subnet and finally get the correct dns for your area..hope this helps
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
quote "if all of you complian the fault will be esculated"
quicker easier and less stressful to just leave them if you are no longer in the contract period.
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