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Improvements in migration times
Tuesday 25 September 2007 16:59:02 by Sebastien Lahtinen

Research announced today by shows that the average delay in changing broadband provider has improved in the last twelve months, although there are still significant delays with the average process taking two weeks. It also shows that TalkTalk is one of the worst at present with AOL and Virgin being two of the 'most improved' providers compared to last year. This is quite interesting considering TalkTalk and AOL are both owned by Carphone Warehouse. 13% of TalkTalk customers have a reported wait of 7 to 10 weeks to get their service fully working.

"To help cut down on delays, you should get written confirmation from the provider you're moving to stating when you will get connected and hold them to that date. It's a little known part of the MAC code regulation that providers should tell you when they intend to connect you to their service. If you have a dispute with them over this and you have the promised connection date in writing the matter can be easily resolved, especially if you want to cancel the contract as it proves the provider has breached their terms of service to you."

Jason Lloyd,

The Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) allows migration between many service providers with minimal or no 'downtime' (loss of connectivity), but the process can still have its uncertainties about the actual date of migration and the impact on associated (e.g. e-mail) services.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
quote"TalkTalk customers have a reported wait of 7 to 10 weeks to get their service fully working."

So nothing new there then. Good old All gob, gob.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
maybe its the same reason you cant comprehend the meaning of the words "Comments"
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
I think people can get tired of off hand, quick quips that seem to be for a laugh, rather then constructive useful comments.

Web 2.0 is all about readers involvement which is a lot more than just a way of having a dig or laugh at things.
Posted by Redback over 10 years ago
Going onto the Talk Talk network is NOT a migration its an LLU provision so the ENTIRE process is controlled by BT OpenReach and delays are caused by BTOR
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
AOL also use LLU provision and Talk Talk do put people onto BT Wholesale services too.

So while not all broadband moves require a MAC, the term migration is a good catch all as far as the average consumer is concerned
Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
TalkTalk LLU is FMPF and does not require a MAC in either direction. AOL is SMPF and does use a MAC. This probably explains the difference in performance with migrations. FMPF has been discriminated against in the past but there are new Openreach rules in place now.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
On this occasion (as i have previously) i will defend BT, its nothing to do with them if certain migrations from certain ISPs/suppliers is taking upto 10 weeks, if other providers are migrating people fine theres no real reason all of them cant, no way is it BT at fault in this instance.
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