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Tiscali completes purchase of Pipex broadband and voice divisions
Friday 14 September 2007 12:17:47 by Andrew Ferguson

The Tiscali Board of Directors has approved the results for the first six months of the year up to 30th June 2007. The press release can be found at

The first half of 2007 has seen the integration of Video Networks (HomeChoice), with the TV over broadband service expected to be available on all Tiscali unbundled exchanges during 2008. Tiscali UK gained 110,000 customers in the last quarter bringing its user base to a total of 1,550,000, of these 494,000 are on the unbundled network which comprises 800 exchanges covering roughly 55% of UK households.

The acquisition of the broadband and voice division of Pipex has now completed for a sum of £210m, which will bring a further 570,000 broadband customers to the Tiscali UK portfolio. This completed deal also brings 650,000 voice customers and 100,000 SME accounts, around 250,000 customers have a broadband/voice bundle.

Calculating the exact number of broadband customers with Tiscali UK is difficult as Pipex HomeCall made use of the Tiscali wholesale network, but the financial results suggest a total of 1.9 million broadband customers.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
LOL to join tiscali you have to be mad... a rubbish tv service and now they own the rubbish pipex. Sometimes i wonder, are they a company that just want to see how rubbish they can become?
Posted by alanw5 over 10 years ago
Well, interesting to read Carpetburn's comment. I am personally with Eclipse (no problems now after going through a rough patch) but I have friends who are with Tiscali and Pipex. Tiscali not the best around,I know, but my friend does not complain. My other friend who uses Pipex also satisfied with his increased speed (8Mb)at no extra cost. £14.99 is about the average for an up to 8Mb uncapped connection. If someone wants the "best" like Zen, Be and the likes then you pay a lot more.
So life's not quite as bad as Carpetburn paints it!
Posted by nrflux over 10 years ago
Funny how different people have different experiences. I have been with Tiscali Broadband (2mb) now for over two years with no problems, in fact I have been pleased with the no hassle service.
Posted by Pete-W-Trotman over 10 years ago
I would concur with nrflux as I have had only positive dealings with Tiscali and there broadband is certainly better than others I have had - BT, Wanadoo/Orange etc
Posted by aesculus2003 over 10 years ago
I *was* a satisfied Pipex BB user.
....Until last week!
Connection speeds reduced by a factor of 4
Problems logging in and line drops now regular.
Is that just coincidence or have Tiscali hijacked the Pipex servers?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
quote"My other friend who uses Pipex also satisfied with his increased speed (8Mb)at no extra cost. £14.99 is about the average for an up to 8Mb uncapped connection."
Except pipex throttle p2p traffic and more. Its also not unlimited like they claim, use it alot and you get a letter basically saying you are using your paid for unlimited service too much we are cutting you off. they are a joke
Posted by Fopi over 10 years ago
Have experienced exactly the same problems as aesculus2003 with Pipex, but mine started about a month ago. Till then I had had a very good Pipex BB service (nearly three years). But recently it is appalling!! Line drops are constantly happening, the speed of 6.5Mb has never come close to it since I was supposed to have it and connecting is a chore every single morning. Can I move to another ISP as my contract was with Pipex? Or am I stuck till the end of my contract?
Posted by antsnest over 10 years ago
Similar problems with Pipex to those listed. I tried to upgrade my 1MB service (which I've had for a while) and was told it'd require a 7-10 day downtime, then speeds dropped to 0.1MB for the better part of a week. I then got a request for more details so they could investigate 2 days after the service got back to normal.
I'm now fighting for a MAC code, 2 weeks so far, had a phone conversation on Friday when they assured me it'd be done by tomorrow!
Posted by jeffshepherd over 10 years ago
Never had a problem with Pipex, always had a fast reliable connection but now its part of Tiscali i'm going to leave asap!
Posted by jeffshepherd over 10 years ago

Pipex will probably let you out of your contract early but will want you to pay the remainder of your contract. I have 4 months left on my contract so will wait for it to expire and then request a MAC.
Posted by nettech over 10 years ago
It's about time Pipex updated The page about the Pipex Group still says "Pipex Internet Ltd forms part of the Pipex Group" and still lists f2s and Nildram (thankfully they've updated
Posted by hanoverbm over 10 years ago
I cannot agree more with the comments made by a number of you with regard to the SERVICE(NON SERVICE I MEAN) by Tiscali. 10 months since I informed Tiscali of my change of address, 64 emails,telephone calls(too numerous to mention) to their so called Customer Services Dept, 69 emails,and still awaiting to get my account in order. RUBBISH company. I would say s0!!!

John Amadeo
Posted by Redclift over 10 years ago
Well, I've been with Tiscali for several years. Dial-up and then Broadband+ phone call bundle. No complaints at all. They upgraded my max speed to 8 (but less cos I'm miles from exchange) and reduced the price by £2. Then a couple of weeks ago they emailed me to say calls to 10 other countries are now free as well. Have not needed to use customer support at all!
Posted by alanw5 over 10 years ago
Response to Carpetburn: The friend only uses Pipex for his business purposes i.e. email, downloading reports and general browsing.
No P2P/games or anything like that - so that's why the fair usage policy will never apply to him.
Thanks for your response.
Posted by alanw5 over 10 years ago
Regarding MAC codes. Eclipse have an excellent service it is part of their Customer Service on the Personal Homepage. If you wants to depart from them you just click on the "Request MAC Code" link and they provide it within 24 hours. That's what I call upfront Customer Service. When I have had issues, they have always responded fast. When you phone them, you speak to someone in Exeter, NOT BOMBAY !!!!!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Alanw5 the FUP does apply to him and every user of pipex, it may not AFFECT him but thats another matter entirely.
Posted by alanw5 over 10 years ago
Of course I/he knows it applies. Just a bad choice of words on my part.
You obviously have a big problem with Pipex.
No more on this please.
Posted by aesculus2003 over 10 years ago
Hey! Can I retract that criticism that I posted about Pipex (message 5 in the thread).
My degradation of service was all down to a BT underground line fault that took a week to fix.
Aint Pipex just great! :-))
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