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Bulldog sending out bills to old customers
Thursday 13 September 2007 12:38:36 by Andrew Ferguson

When you leave a broadband provider you generally expect a final bill when you leave their service, but a number of Bulldog customers including a number of people on our forums just received a bill for September 2007, in one case they had left the company in 2004.

The bills originate from Cable & Wireless who transferred the Bulldog retail customers to Pipex at the start of 2007. Where people have managed to contact Cable & Wireless they have been told to ignore the bill and would contact those affected to let them know to ignore this bill.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Where the name Pipex is mentioned billing cockups are sure to follow. You only have to look at the Pipex forum.
Posted by FRS_Plunderer over 10 years ago
They should really be trying to contact all those effected and tell them to ignore it instead of waiting to be contacted.
Posted by MCM999 over 10 years ago
The problem has little or nothing to do with Pipex. The bills were sent out by C&W to users who had left BD before it was sold to Pipex.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
I agree with FRS_Plunderer, I also think Bulldog/Pipex should be emailing their customers pointing out they are aware of the situation and reasure them the issue is being taken care of.
Posted by padrone over 10 years ago
When I saw the word PIPEX I immediately thought of the word TISCALI--- accounting is not their forte, as will be found out by all us Pipex customers in the future.
Posted by Guest_Again over 10 years ago
Bulldog 'used' to be good, the billing though was - and still is - crepe.
The CS is the exact same, but it's the billing that can cost you money... :s
Things just went from bad to worse when Bulldog sold part of the customer base - Tsk.Tsk.Tskali is the final in the coffin.
Posted by uniquename over 10 years ago
As MCM999 pointed out 19 hours ago, it is nothing to do with Tiscali/Pipex or Bulldog. It's C & W that have set out the invoices to their ex-customers!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Indeed uniquename C&W are the main blame of the problem but because C&W, Bulldog and Pipex are all a load of poop with regard to CS no customer knows WTF is going on because none of those companies have bothered to explain it to the consumer. In my mind that makes them all equally inept.
Posted by MCM999 over 10 years ago
Carpetbum - What exactly do Bulldog or Pipex have to "explain" since none of their customers are involved or have received these bills. Everyone reading your many comments to these news items knows that you have a fixation about various subjects with BD & Pipex being two, however it seems you rarely let fact get in the way of your posting an opinion.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
The facts are whenever the name Pipex crops up billing issues are a within a fingertips distance of occuring, it doesnt matter if its their fault or not LLU Pipex customers have been lied to other Pipex and associated divisions like F2S customers have been over billed and now this... It may be C&W fault but as i said originally "Where the name Pipex is mentioned billing cockups are sure to follow."
Posted by chasbetts over 10 years ago
I'm not au fait with which company sold out to who but as ex customers of 2004 etc. I would be more worried abot your personal details 1. being stored after 2004 and 2.still being used by another company (i assume not associated with the bill recipients). I think all those involved are transgressing the Data Protection Act.
Posted by lelboy over 10 years ago
Whilst CARPETBURN has the absolute right to voice opinions, I feel that little is served by "ranting"; precise complaints should be the order of the day.
Having said that, I was victim, after leaving Bulldog a couple of years ago concerning "billing" issues, of the "keep on billing syndrome". I basically told them to P**S OFF, and sent them, by recorded delivery, a copy of the email from them confirming closure of account/final bill paid; they truly are a pile of s**t. Tiscali have not been much better, if my family's experience is anything to go by.
Posted by 8lettersuk over 10 years ago
Well I've received a bill from them and yet they actually owe me money - an ongoing saga for the last year. I've finally lost patience and have started small claims proceedings. I'm now concerned about the DPA issue of my billing details being kept for years after I was a customer and being integrated into other companies systems.
Posted by denisehunter76 over 9 years ago
My son is a Bulldog/Pipex client. He was cut off in Sept. reason given no record of payment for 2 years. Asked to provide bank statements to prove he had paid. He was also black listed. When they admitted their fault after endless calls from his mobile more weeks past before he was online again. (payments continued to be taken from his bank whilst he was offline - they currently owe him £90) His original contract is up in Dec. 2007. Bulldog have stated however that he has a new contract until next year. the period running from his reconnection!!!!
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