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Save our Sanity service for broadband users
Thursday 06 September 2007 11:51:33 by Andrew Ferguson

SOS Broadband has launched a number of services with the aim of providing people with emergency Internet access at home or in the office. It is also offering temporary Internet and travel solutions.

The emergency service is based around providing people with a dial-up service on the day it breaks with a USB 3G modem arriving the next day to give you faster access. Loan hardware will be couriered to you so that you can verify whether the fault is your kit or outside your control. This service costs £6.99 a month, although if the USB modem or loan hardware is required during the first few months of your subscription, a security deposit may be requested.

The temporary broadband service is more expensive at £9.99 a day plus a £120 deposit for the USB 3G modem. It is aimed at people who will need a connection for a couple of days on-site at things like building sites, exhibitions, festivals or on holiday.

The company appears to focus on customer support; subscribers having free-phone access to the technical support line and a ring back service to avoid annoying queues to speak to someone.

This service is something that looks attractive but people should really check whether their broadband provider already provides a suitable solution like a backup dial-up service. The high speed 3G USB modem is also something that will vary in performance greatly around the country. One downside to the various mobile data services is how the mobile networks cope with large events like Glastonbury. Very often it is impossible to get a voice/data call to or from someone at a festival (performance being dependent on mobile network provider), and the most reliable solution is either a two-way satellite broadband connection or to pay the minimum contract term for an ADSL connection and use it for just a few days.

With the price of 3G data services dropping to the point where they start at £10 a month, for some people it may be sensible to take out a subscription as a backup and travel solution.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Sounds a good idea in theory, however if you need an internet connection so bad for emergency use i can see problems with it like depending on the courier to deliver the modem on the day you are going to need it, also one wonders will you still get charge the 10 quid that day if the modem doesnt arrive? The price isnt non to wonderful either £9.99 a day is a bit of a sting and the £120 quid is a bit of a knockout blow. Nice idea in theory but due to potential issues and cost i dont see it being very popular.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
The £120 is a security deposit which you will get back if you do return the data card, run off with it and they keep your £120.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Indeed you are correct andrew, still alot of cash to part with even be it temporary to get the service though. I actually think its a good idea, but how popular it is or how dependable for emergency use having to depend on couriers etc for you hardware it turns out to be remains to be seen. I hope it works, and proves popular/useful because it is a pretty original idea, i just get the feeling at ten quid a day and praying a courier brings your hardware will be its downfall unfortunately.
Posted by nash02 over 10 years ago
Ive been to the website and they have new lower tariffs from Sept 10. Makes it quite affordable i think. What do you think? I also notice that they use 3 networks for providing the mobile service. That sounds interesting!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Hmm yea i juist looked and the price cuts they are going to introduce do make it more attractive. Its still not something i would probably use but as i said its a nice idea and i hope the business idea works out for them, its always nice to see original or even half original ideas succeed :)
Posted by FRS_Plunderer over 10 years ago
Its not something you'd use Carpetburn because your not a business and don't do anything mission critical with your broadband. For a business that needs to get its connection up and running, £120 refundable security deposit is nothing, its not like loosing a years worth of pocket money or anything...
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Erm actually i run my own business, the internet there is lease line based for about 90% of the premises for the other 10% we use a regular ADSL business package. The networks are kept seperate for securtity reasons. That is why i wouldnt want or need a service like this.
Also although this service is a good idea i dont think the quote of "emergency Internet access" is fair as in some cases you will be depending on a courier to deliver the hardware, hardly ideal for "emergency" next day use.
Posted by FRS_Plunderer over 10 years ago
Children running businesses, whatever next...
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
More ignorant fools working as so called engineers for BT perhaps?
Posted by FRS_Plunderer over 10 years ago
lol perhaps...
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