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Be removes usage cap from its cheapest product
Wednesday 29 August 2007 18:47:48 by Andrew Ferguson

Be has withdrawn its Be Lite product which had a 4GB usage allowance and has replaced it with Be Value which, while offering a slower maximum connection speed at 8Mbps, removes the usage cap. Full details of the new product can be found at It is priced at £14 a month with a £24 connection fee, a free Be Box wireless router and carries a 12 month contract.

The service will use ADSL2+ but with a capped connection speed of 8Mbps as opposed to the maximum connection speed of 24Mbps previously offered. The maximum upstream connection speed remains at 1.3Mbps.

Existing Be Lite users should get an email in the next few days about the changes to give them the full details and options available. Existing Be Unlimited customers will be able to downgrade if they wish to if the modem is connecting at 8Mbps or slower, though this will require entering into a new 12 month contract.

This move is interesting as a lot of the market has moved towards usage caps and it seems Be are heading in the opposite direction. It is possible that Be feel the really heavy users will still opt for the more expensive product in the quest to download what they want as fast as possible. To some extent Be has always done things a little differently, for example their Be Pro product at £40 a month offers up to 24Mbps downloads combined with an up to 2.5Mbps upstream speed.


Posted by Rego over 10 years ago
AFAIK the upload on the Be* value product will be the same as on the Be* lite product which is capped at 400Kbps
Posted by Rego over 10 years ago
AFAIK the upload on the Be* value product will be the same as on the Be* lite product which is capped at 400Kbps
Posted by MCM999 over 10 years ago
From BeThere's web site ( "Up to 8 meg download speed, Upload speed up to 1.3 meg"
Posted by semo1 over 10 years ago
that offer is mind blowing but we know what happens when deals like that appear out of nowhere.

when will o2 rebrand be and what happens if you leave early/move house?
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 10 years ago
Sounds entirely sensible and I applaud Be for taking a path which stays within their network capacity.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
I also see it as a positive move, they now have a service that still runs at an acceptable speed for a good price. The previous be lite product wasnt that sensible when you you consider maxing your connection out could have killed that 4Gb usage in under a hour. They now have a more balanced product range only thing of concern as semo1 said is will o2 come along and ruin things? Most likely Yes IMO
Posted by uniquename over 10 years ago
So unlimited 8Mbps on ADSL2+ so will sync faster than ADSL1 on most lines, with no IP Profile to lower the actual speed and also mess things up following a low resync?

At £14pm? (That's an Australian accnt questionmark!).

Sounds like a killer for IPStream.
Posted by chrysalis over 10 years ago
BE are doing here what is typically going on in other countries, offering people with lower synchs to pay less for a speed more fitting for their line.

Technically superior to ipstream in every way including price but the sheep will still flock to the big boys.
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
"Sounds like a killer for IPStream." you would think £24/month for up to 24M was too, but Be have comprehensively failed to attract customers in anything like sufficient numbers despite serving 50% of the population.

Clearly speed doesn't sell so they're going to try to sell on price alone. There's a whole gang of people out there ready to break the service, unless the 12 month contract is a sufficient deterrent.
Posted by uniquename over 10 years ago
Be and Entanet resellers already have them all so it's just a question of whether they can cope with the Entanet migratees. Most IPStream users now have a serious alternative to BRAS profiling.
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
"Most IPStream users" - Be only cover half the population and less than 20% of exchanges.
Posted by Balb0wa over 10 years ago
They get low numbers because they reject 99% of people with longish lines. I get 2-3mb normally and my number gets rejected, so does my sisters. Shame on you BE
Posted by uniquename over 10 years ago
51% is most :). And if they pick up a fair number of those then cash flow is there to fund wider roll-out - then hyperbolic growth.

I am guessing here but I would think with an 8Mb cap they will be happy to take on some longer lines, as they will not be open to the charge of selling 24Mb and only giving 5 for example.
Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
be* don't have huge coverage and also have far small marketing/advertising budgets than the big players - hence why I reckon they will always be a niche player.

But what a niche....

£14 for genuine unlimited broadband at up to 8 Meg (adequate for most of population) is an absolute steal compared to the heavily contended, traffic shaped rubbish offered by the big boys at that price point.

I only get 6-7 Meg so will regrade to this new product as soon as be* allow me to save £120 a year.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Indeed keith is correct, last time i checked just in terms of LLU suppliers bethere had unbundled less exchanges than Easynet at the time. Bethere do not serve as many people as the likes anything near the IPstream providers. Even if they could they would still have less customers than the likes of Sky, Virgin and Orange because unlike them advertising is not rammed down our throats, for the people who are not the sheep of society its a great deal.
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
rejecting long lines won't have much impact on overall takeup as the ditribution is weighted towards shorter lines (esp in the sort of exchanges Be serve).

Until O2 launch their bundled product Be doesn't have the cross-subsidy angle as well as the "small and unheard of" issue, unlike Sky etc.

It'll be an interesting experiment to watch if the same train wreck occurs when all the multi-hundred GB/month users decide to say some money and get to leech flat out in primetime. Perhaps the price of DVDs in boot sales will come down :-)
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
LOL at the last paragraph herdwick. I also think a train wreck will occur when o2 take over and pump money into advertising much like virgin did on the cable takeover/rebrand, suddenly the service will find itself with more users than it can handle and caps, throttles or similar are than sure to follow to maintain profit from the expense of all the advertising hype.
Posted by semo1 over 10 years ago
i've always thought o2 would ruin be and before that thought be would become a victim of it's own success alas, 2 years since launch, and i've always stayed away based on fears that haven't (yet?) materialized.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Id still hold fire semo1, large companys that take over ISPs have a habbit of ruining perfectly good services. I give you virgin that have screwed ex-telewest and ntl connections with throttles, and orange that ruined the once half resonable freeserve/wannado as just 2 examples of the top of my head. I imagine o2 will be the same once they get their mits on bethere, whacking great sums on adverts and false promises along with much smaller sums on actual service.
Posted by KeyboardKiller over 10 years ago
I'm Glad to see this happen...

I would personally pay for the speed of my connection, and have it unlimited, rather than paying for a usage allowance.

Good on ya Be*
Posted by eyesy over 10 years ago
Only problem is the 12 month contract, I wish it was less. I'm on Be24 and get 16mb downstream, and would consider downgrading to the lite package if it was e.g. 6 month contract.
Posted by neBuloid over 10 years ago
Be are my best ever ISP :) , it being sucked into O2 corporate hell with capping and traffic shaping can't be that far away now though, ah well :(
Posted by stevehm over 10 years ago
O2 have owned Be for over a year (since june 06) so how come everyone is saying ruination is around the corner? They've had a year to f**k things up and they clearly haven't so why is it all doom and gloom?
Posted by Flaco over 10 years ago
I'm with stevehm on this one. In fact, I'd say that since O2 came on the scene, nothing has stopped or hindered Be from improving things further. I'm on the 24 unlimited (got it for a promotional steal at £20 pm). Had loads of problems initially with what I thought was an overheating modem, but they upgraded the firmware automatically and no problems since. Customer Services was then also revamped and it's fine. Can't fault them on any single issue.
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