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Ace Internet Service Problems
Friday 24 August 2007 15:57:11 by Sebastien Lahtinen

Since Thursday afternoon, Ace Internet users appear to have been unable to browse the Internet. One user has been advised that there is a billing dispute between Entanet and its reseller Ace Internet.

"The issue with the outage on the ADSL platform has been resolved around an hour ago."

Ace Internet Representative

We have also heard reports that Ace Internet's support lines have been unavailable and note that their community support forums are closed due to software upgrades and server maintenance.

"Entanet advise that broadband connectivity has been restored to customers of Ace Internet. Customers should be aware that they will receive a letter from Entanet within the next few days to which they should act upon quickly."

Carol Davies, Entanet

Update - 27/08/07 16:00

We have received a copy of the letter sent out by Entanet to customers of its reseller Ace Internet which reads as follows:

Dear _____________,

We are writing with reference to your ADSL connection, currently with Ms S Daniels t/a Ace Internet detailed below:

Line number: xxxxxxxxxxx Ref: xxxxxxxxx

Please be advised that it has been agreed that future charges in respect of your connection will now be invoiced by Entanet International Ltd. As Entanet are the infrastructure provider to Mr S Daniels t/a Ace Internet we can reassure you that you will not see any change to the service that you receive. Please however be aware that the billing for your connection will now be directly with Entanet

The payment methods available are direct debit or continuous credit card authority. Please find attached a direct debit mandate, please fax the completed mandate to (0870) 770 9285 or post it to the address supplied.

If you wish to set up a continuous credit card authority, please call 0870 224 3494 between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Please rest assured that this change will not affect the continuation of your ADSL service as the underlying service to your line will not change. You will however need to contact us by the 15th of September 2007 to avoid interruption to your service.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Credit Control

Entanet Letter to Ace Internet Customers


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
"Entanet advise that broadband connectivity has been restored to customers of Ace Internet. Customers should be aware that they will receive a letter from Entanet within the next few days to which they should act upon quickly."

Opps at a guess it sounds to me like a reseller forgot to pay their bills and Enta are not happy.
Posted by ferretuk over 10 years ago
I received my letter from Entanet this morning and it syas that they're taking over billing for my Ace Internet connection but that my service won't change. I guess that means that Steve forgot to pay the Enta bill and it's easier for them to bill direct.

Still a bit concerned about the trading status of Ace though - Their forum is still down, my email hasn't been answered and there hasn't been any contact from them about this issue...
Posted by BugAlugs-rar over 10 years ago
The Migration from Mistral to Enta was badly managed. The experience then of diffent reps giving me different resolutions and then being unable to speak via email/voice to Ace. Forced me to goto their public forums... Where I was promptly banned for being a trouble maker by suggesting that perhaps Ace hadn't sent/contacted me in any way.

I went direct to enta or provide my MAC code some weeks ago. I also got an Enta letter today confirming Enta's stepping in.
Posted by xela over 10 years ago
Would anyone like to share a full copy (minus usernames and personal details, of course) of this letter?
Posted by ferretuk over 10 years ago
Copy of the letter at:
Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
Bank Holiday weekends are traditional times for companies to cease trading of course.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Hmm reading that letter to me suggests ACE Internet is as good as dead (If you aint making/taking money you dont have a business).
Also as Enta are going to bill ACE customers directly it does cast a shadow on the future of other Enta resellers... After all if Enta can residential bill for one of their resellers there is no reason they cant do it for thereself entirely. Maybe they have in a business sense woke up, realised that they have become very popular in the last year or so and decided why dont we have all the residential pie instead of just a slice. Good luck to them i say.
Posted by drteeth over 10 years ago
Enta are popular PRECISELY due to the CS of their resellers.
Posted by adriandaz over 10 years ago
Yea, better to have lots of "smaller" resellers who can look after their customers rather than a big set of customers who can't be looked after properly by the parent company :)
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
drteeth and adriandaz you are seeing it from a customers point of view and i agree with you both entirely if looking at things from a customer point of view. However my post was looking at things from a business point of view for Enta.
Posted by Coin over 10 years ago
I think enta resellers have always had the option of having billing done by enta directly.

In this case though it sounds like enta have made that decision and not the reseller.
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
Ace Internet say....

"Ace Internet continues as before, and until any customer hears otherwise from us, they should treat the letter as unsolicted, and (i only saw a copy of it a few minutes ago myself), I would like to state that, although the letter states it, there was no agreement between us for these letters to be sent out."

from ISP Unhappiness section in forum.
Posted by ivorti over 10 years ago
"Enta are popular PRECISELY due to the CS of their resellers."

Do you think that is the case as far as Ace are concerned? Whilst I'm sure Steve is a very nice guy and he has been very helpful in the past, the phone support is non-existent and it is a case of continually checking emails if there is a problem.

The last time I looked on the Ace site, there was a service status message saying there had been problems on the 24th, well its the 26th today, some kind of update would be a pretty reasonable customer service activity surely? I've been without BB since yesterday morning.
Posted by adriandaz over 10 years ago
Dying gasp perhaps? :)
Posted by meldrew over 10 years ago
There are a lot of people in the forums continually shouting the praises of Entanet resellers. I doubt if any of them have checked the status of these small businesses at Companies House (if indeed they are limited companies in the first place). Having unsatisfied CCJs from several years ago is not an encouragement to do business with them!
Posted by Silvereyes over 10 years ago
A few facts you seem to have missed.

1) Most people are unaware that such checks are possible.
2) Even fewer know how to actually perform such checks.
3) Companies House charges a fee for this information.
4) The majority of Entanet resellers actually do a reasonably good job.

Posted by meldrew over 10 years ago
Silvereyes: Don't blame me for having access to the information. Its the less informed ones promoting potentially iffy businesses who need to check their facts first!
Posted by chrysalis over 10 years ago
Carpetburn some resellers dont bill customers directly, I with falconnet am billed by entanet and login to their billing page directly but have support handled by falconnet.
Posted by Silvereyes over 10 years ago
Meldrew: I wasn't blaming you.

I was just trying to point out that there are many reasons why people can't or won't carry out these sort of checks.

You cannot blame the customers either. The fact that Steve Daniels has been in and out of court more times than the average lager lout is irrelevant.

For most people, if it looks and sounds like a duck they are going to accept that it is a duck and not a crocodile in disguise.

Even established, reputable businesses such as Entanet are not immune to this.
Posted by meldrew over 10 years ago
Silvereyes - We are in complete agreement! It just concerns me that there are a lot of ducks doing a lot of quacking in these forums with a specific intention of increasing business.
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