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3 to offer mobile broadband for £10 a month
Tuesday 21 August 2007 15:58:44 by John Hunt

Updated 22/08/07 15:50

3 have now announced pricing in line with the speculated figures published by TheRegister. The service, now launching on the 4th September, will give customers up to 2.8Mbps download speeds with 1GB of data transfer for £10 per month (inc. VAT). Higher data allowances are available as detailed below. If you use more than the tariff you are on, a charge of £0.10 per megabyte (or about £100 per gigabyte) will be levied. This charge will seem high in terms of broadband pricing in general, however it is quite competitive in the mobile Internet market--Just remember not to start streaming movies. The USB modem is only free on the higher bandwidth products and longer contracts.

Updated 22/08/07 13:23

3 have contacted us with more information on the new services to be launched on 3rd of September. The new broadband products will offer speeds of up to 2.8Mbps, and on launch, will be available to approximately 50% of the population, increasing to 90% (3's current video coverage) by July 2008. They are also releasing a USB modem to connect your laptop to the '3Turbo network' which will be free for existing 3 customers. Full pricing information is expected closer to launch.

TheRegister's speculative pricing indicates a low cost mobile broadband package offering 1GB of data transfer for as little as £10 a month. More data is available with 3GB for £15 and 7GB for £25. 3, however, insist that this pricing is inaccurate.

T-Mobile, currently the cheapest provider, offer their Web'n'Walk service with 'unlimited' (fair usage policy of 3GB a month) data from £23.40 a month, which should give speeds up to 1.8Mbps (Megabits per second) where HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) or '3.5G' is available. The technology does allow for up to 14.4Mbps but no networks or handsets currently support this. Current phones being released in the UK generally allow upto 3.6Mbps but most networks limit the speed to around half that. This does leave room for growth over the next few years, and we are looking forward to seeing real competition between mobile operators using HSDPA and WiMax, and traditional fixed line providers offering DSL and cable.


Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
"T-Mobile, currently the cheapest provider, offer their Web'n'Walk service with 'unlimited' (fair usage policy of 3GB a month) data from £23.40 a month"

Its £7.50 a month for unlimited surfing on web n walk so not sure what the £23.40 relates to.
Posted by jchamier over 10 years ago
I pay £12/month for wnw pro, which allows you to connect a phone to your PC, and use instant messaging.

I think the £23.40 is for those who want VoIP on their handset, or use a PCMCIA card for a laptop.

I get approx 800kbps in my front room using 3G HSDPA - but it kills battery life!
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
The £7.50 a month is an additional fee for an existing contract, is it not ?

The £23.40 (plus VAT) or £27.50 is the cheapest FlexT plan plus web 'n' walk, or alternatively its the price for a SIM card to stick in a data card. You can also do PAYG at £1/day. Vodafone also have a datacard SIM deal at just under £30/month.
Posted by Cheule over 10 years ago
Is this in relation to Pay as you Go? I'm on a Contract with 3, and it's only £5 a month for unlimited web use.

Not sure why £10 a month for only 1GB constitutes a better deal?
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
£23.40 is £27.50 ex-vat.
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
"Not sure why £10 a month for only 1GB constitutes a better deal?" - because you don't need to already be paying X for a Contract as well perhaps ?
Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
Well my Web n Walk mobile service is pretty unreliable, as even with 3G. 50% of time its ok but I'd hardly want to use it as a replacement for a fixed line service.
Posted by gayboy-ds over 10 years ago
The £23.40 price is to use a PCMCIA modem or one built into your laptop.

£7.50 and £12 are for when you use your phone to surf the internet. You are not allowed to use your phone as a modem, if they actually monitor this or not is unclear to me.

Great deal from 3. Just what I want for when I get my HTC Shift :)
Posted by MrZippy over 10 years ago
You are all missing the point, 3's X-Series officially prohibits use on a laptop, plus not all ports are open so only basic web browsing is likely to work. Web'n'Walk again is for handset use only.

We are now talking about high speed internet access via a 3.5G (HSDPA) USB modem, now this may well be of interest to people who do not live close to their exchange meaning they might only get 512k ADSL whereas if they get 3G coverage there is a potential for 3.6 meg.
Posted by MrZippy over 10 years ago
Another note on the speculative pricing, 3 Ireland launched this same service a while ago. 10GB for €19.99 a month.
Posted by pinotage over 10 years ago
I had to uninstall it because it caused extreme constipation of my system, upset the graphics, and made Opera misbehave. I removed it and everything calmed down again.
Posted by rolyatn over 10 years ago
X-Series and WnW are only for browsing on handsets and the T&Cs explicitly prohibit use with a PC. As prevously stated, it's a question as to whether this is monitored.

WnW Plus/Max both allow use as a modem, however are more expensive than 3's offers.

I emailed 3, based on The Register's article, and a nice lady from their indian call centre called me back. She said that the £10/mth 1Gb service would be launching in early September, and to keep an eye on their website. She did say that it would indeed be £10/mth, and would include a USB modem.
Posted by timmay over 10 years ago
Wow three have updated their checker to include "Turbo" coverage. this must have happened this afternoon/evening coz I looked earlier and it hadn't been updated.

All very exiting unless you live in (east) Kent! Again (east) Kent's off the map in terms of the internet, AGAIN.
Posted by pje1979 over 10 years ago
Yes just checked and it seems us northerners are getting it in September along with London
Posted by Balb0wa over 10 years ago
Im seriously considering this, wish it was more than 2.8meg tho.
Posted by Balb0wa over 10 years ago
3 USB Modem
No wires, no hassles
Just mobile Internet access at broadband speeds
Maximum speeds of up to 2.8Mbps on 3's new Turbo 3G network in the UK

1 gb £10
3gb £15
7gb £25

Posted by MrZippy over 10 years ago
3 Ireland state 3.6 meg, with average speed of 2.8, this could be the case for the UK too...

HDSPA is only up to 3.6 I think at the moment, but scales to 14.4 in the future.
Posted by Balb0wa over 10 years ago
hmmm the UK gets shafted again :-(

Wonder if there will be a good deal for existing 3 customers?
Posted by Balb0wa over 10 years ago
Thats shocking as well £100 a gig if you go over?
Bulldog charge about £4 on there basic asdl service.

a charge of £0.10 per megabyte (or about £100 per gigabyte)
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