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Free PC World laptop offer over
Saturday 18 August 2007 09:53:57 by Andrew Ferguson

Offers of something for nothing generally don't last long, and the recent offer of a free PC World laptop if you signed up to a basic Orange broadband connection for two years has ended. According to Computer Shopper the deal ended sometime before 16th August only having run for a couple of weeks. It is believed the deal actually ended on 8th August.

A 2Mbps connection (with limited usage allowance) for two years at £14.99 and a £300 value laptop was obviously popular as it seems PC World had allocated 'tens of thousands' laptops to be given away as part of the deal.


Posted by adriandaz over 10 years ago
It was actually an 18 month contract and not 2 years as advertised. There was also the option of an up to 8Mbit package with "unlimited" usage for £19.99, with the possibility of getting a wireless router (Orange Livebox) for a one off fee of £19.99. The deal was either a laptop for free to the value of £300 or a £300 discount to spend on a better laptop of your choice. A very quick way to get more users onto your network!
Posted by gayboy-ds over 10 years ago
I hope they do it again! I missed out on that as my contract was due to finish with a different ISP. Lets hope they reintroduce this offer.

The AOL Dell Laptop offer is really crap as you are stuck with a crap laptop. I would like the £450 of vouchers from Dell IMHO.
Posted by adriandaz over 10 years ago
heh gayboy, you should have just paid it off and got your MAC :)
Posted by FRS_Plunderer over 10 years ago
lol 'gayboy' lol
Posted by springnuts over 10 years ago
Hmmm - Well I have my laptop ... but my outgoing orange email has stopped working today ... hope it was a good choice! Oh, the Unlimited deal also gave free VOIP phone calls to landlines and some international destinations.
Posted by g-bhxu over 10 years ago

Go to the Orange website and open a PAYG dial-up account and you'll be able to acces your email account
Posted by cjyounguk over 10 years ago
Welcome to the world of Orange. My 2Mbps connection has just speedtested downstream at 525kbps on this site, 212kbps on speakeasy and 153kbps on BT Speedtest. Upstream raced in at 240k. The report on ISP ratings suggested that average call length to tech support is 17mins; on 3 occasions last week I gave up on Orange after failing to talk to a real person after waiting 20mins. Calling Orange c**p doesn't even get close to how bad they are. And now they just added another 10,000+ users for the next 18 months - great!
Posted by adriandaz over 10 years ago
Yea, I noticed the appauling speeds when I set a router up for someone in a small village nearby, was getting 16KB/sec on a 2.4Mbit max connection! I advisted them to move to ADSL24.. At work I did "warn" people about the Orange BB quality :)
Posted by nemesis over 10 years ago
you do realise from what i'm reading and saw on the tv advert that the customer is actually still paying for the laptop due to small print things like 2 years contract.

So let's use the carphonewarehouse one, a free laptop worth £450 but a 2 year contract at £19.99 = £477.12 for 2 years so that's more than the cost of the laptop then add the delivery charge of £14.99

total = £492.11 so IMO hardly a 'free' laptop. To me carphonewarehouse or some other company actually makes money out of it and your stuck for 2 years of lets be honest a rubbish service by all accounts.
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