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Improvements to DACS removal policy
Thursday 16 August 2007 12:06:29 by Andrew Ferguson

DACS units were traditionally used to run two telephone lines over a single standard copper pair. The unwanted side effect of this is that ADSL will not work on a line with a DACS fitted. Openreach has made a further policy change on top of what was announced in August 2006.

The new policy should see more DACS units being removed where people order broadband, irrespective of whether it is via BT Wholesale or a LLU provider. DACS units may still be put onto new telephone lines (where it is not a simultaneous provide order - which means a phone line and ADSL are ordered at the same time) where using a DACS unit is the only way to meet the Customer's Required by Date.

In the past we have seen some broadband providers rejecting orders that have DACS units on them without forwarding them to BT Wholesale or Openreach for evaluation, so if a provider rejects your order very quickly suspect they've rejected based purely on the results of what says. As a general rule it will take the relevant BT departments up to a week to look into issues like DACS units and TPON.


Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
I believe DACS will not be supported by 21CN so this is a further tightening of the screw towards their ultimate removal from the network.
Posted by FRS_Plunderer over 10 years ago
DACS is a pita anyway, more rubbish to carry around on the van, complicates linetesting and usually stuck up a pole meaning the ladder has to come out...

...long term they arn't a solution anyway.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Just to prove (in paticular to the first 2 posters on this story) I am not totally aint BT. This IMO is a good move by Openreach and is atleast a step in the right direction to prove they CAN be serious about providing broadband. A week average tyrn around time to get it removed is also good IMO
Posted by emel over 10 years ago
I was stuffed with a DACS box some years ago. It took four months of bitter complaining before BT sent out a gang to run a new 5 pair cable from the roadside box to my house. So stick to your guns, and it will eventually happen.
Posted by FRS_Plunderer over 10 years ago
no guns required, order broadband and the DACS will be gone.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
quote "no guns required, order broadband and the DACS will be gone."
Just to say i agree in most instances that is correct but in the past it was not always the case. I remember a person in our road from a few years ago that had a DAC on their line which was in use, everyone else could have broadband except for the people affected by the DACS eventually almost 6 months on if i remember rightly they had to remove it as another party affected by it also wanted broadband. Thats the reason i said in my original post here its good to hear openreach are finally removing more of them :)
Posted by adriandaz over 10 years ago
How about smashing the DACS box with a hammer?, forcing BT to sort it out :)
Posted by FRS_Plunderer over 10 years ago
Yeah they'd sort it out if you did that you'd be looking at a bill over £300. All that would happen is the engineer would install a replacement dacs costing you £99 for the dacs, £98 for the hour's work and £116 for the callout.
Posted by wabews over 10 years ago
The bad news is that DACS is compatible with 21CN
Posted by alunj over 10 years ago
My sister is on the Wick exchange trumpeted by BT as the 1st 21CN exchange. She has DACS and no ADSL and openreach refuse to remove the davcs unit hence still no broadband !
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