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Pipex sale to Tiscali confirmed
Friday 10 August 2007 18:09:32 by John Hunt

A quick update for anyone following the Tiscali takeover of Pipex's broadband business--Following an EGM, Pipex shareholders have today voted in favour of the sale of the Pipex broadband and voice services to Tiscali UK today. The announcement to sell was made back in July with a price tag of £210 million. Pipex and Tiscali do not expect any restrictions to the sale although they voluntarily alerted the OFT to ensure a green light as soon as possible. Whether Tiscali will keep any of the existing brands or merge everything under the Tiscali banner isn't known at present. The full announcement can be found here.


Posted by BoilingPoint over 10 years ago
Oah well that's the nail in the coffin then.... Pipex have sold out to the devil themselves. God help all who sail in her.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Good riddence to them and for people still with them... welcome to hell
Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
Now we wait for Tiscali either to implode or get taken over.
Posted by glostermeteor over 10 years ago
I'm a Freedom2Surf customer (who was taken over my Pipex a little while ago). My service is pretty good at the moment. Until that changes, I'm staying. For me its simple, don't give a monkeys who owns the company as long as the service is good.
Posted by g-bhxu over 10 years ago
No doubt any Pipex owned companies users will get a "We're not going to change your service" email like the one that AOL users got when Carphone Warehouse took over.

A couple of months later the FUP was introduced!

Posted by Loopy65 over 10 years ago
pipex have already been FUP'ing to the hilt! .. Tiscali and Poopex deserve each other .. who said 'opposites attract'?? lol ..
Posted by jchamier over 10 years ago
Be interesting to see what happens to the Bulldog customers, if the sale of Pipex means the contract with C&W is scrapped or not.
Posted by alanaford over 10 years ago
I think it is significant that Pipex hasn't even emailed its customers to tell them this was all going on. Are thye by any chance ashamed?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
LOL Pipex email customers LOL to get to the stage they answer emails you have to get a customer services relation officer involved and even then you get an meaningless email.... and you expect them to bulk mail customers LMAO i dont think they even know how to since the days of the pipex globe newsletter seemed to have died a swift death LOL
Posted by brusher over 10 years ago
I have been a freedom2surf user for about 3 years. No trouble at all, know I await in trepadation!
Posted by brusher over 10 years ago
shows my disturbance can't even spell properly,What do I know now?
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