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TalkTalk offer Setanta Sports deal
Wednesday 01 August 2007 13:47:51 by John Hunt

TalkTalk are offering an exclusive deal to new and existing customers, giving access to Setanta Sports, and a free digital Freeview box if you sign up in August 2007. The deal gives two months free access to Setanta Sports, and costs £9.99 a month for the remainder of the 18month contract. All the usual Freeview channels are also available.

Setanta Sports includes coverage of 46 live Barclays Premier League football matches, Rugby, Golf and more. Whilst the deal may look attractive to some, it is worth looking into exactly what you are getting. If you already have Freeview, cable or satellite TV you may be able to signup directly with Setanta without a long contract. See the Setanta website for more information.


Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
There is a one month contract if you get Setanta via SKY whereas this suggests you still have to pay 18 months worth (£160) even if you don't want it over the non-football summer months.
Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
But if you don't have Sky then you have to pay for dish installation. Freeview set top boxes with a CA slot cost more than the supermarket bargains, typically £40, and with this offer you are repaying the cost of the box over 18 months. Still a bargain for Footie freaks.
Posted by meldrew over 10 years ago
We have the ASA/Sky/Virgin result above and this looks like more of the same. Free followed by £x per month followed by 18 month lock in. Where have we seen this before...?

Time to dust down my Hotbird box and see what the Europeans can offer directly.
Posted by meldrew over 10 years ago
Forgot to add - just as broadband tails off with distance Freeview has similar problems with signal strength in many areas. A dish is the ONLY way!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Why anyone in their right mind would sign up to Talktalk and why anyone would sign up to a 18 month contract with them to get Setanta sports really is a mystery. Especially when you can buy a dirt cheap digi box and subscribe as and when you want for 10 quid a month to setanta sports. The main thing setanta offer is scottish and english football so why you would want to pay 10 quid a month when its not footy season makes the whole thing even more strange, sounds like another half baked Talktalk idea to me.
Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
Dirt cheap digi boxes do not have conditional access (CA) slots.
Posted by zenops over 10 years ago
After the problems I had with Setanta and the Celtic v rangers games last season I'll never take their service even if it's Free. Appalling Customer Service and buck passing between them and Sky was nothing short of disgraceful. They resolved it in the end but it took a lot of strong persuasion from me for that to happen. I'd have pity for the mere mortal that had to go through what I did :-)
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
@ETEE freeview boxes with a card slot are dirt cheap. Infact here is one that includes 1 month of setanta sports for under 50 quid. Id personally call that dirt cheap especially when you are getting 10 quids worth of setanta sports included. Technically that makes the box 40 quid. You can still easily pay more then that for a box with no card slot. Compared to an 18 month contract Talktalk excpect people to take (or they expect them to pay out £180 just on setanta) id consider that dirt cheap way to get going with digital TV.
Posted by gareth_davies over 10 years ago
What's so exclusive about it? BT Vision offer Setanta Sports without the 18 month contract, and they offer more near live games for £3 a month extra.

Posted by wifigeek over 10 years ago
"Appalling Customer Service and buck passing between them and Sky was nothing short of disgraceful"

if it helps any - they are trying to improve this. the callcentre where i work has just got a new contract for another 50 agents for customer services at setanta sports and expects if it goes well to expand further. (I know because im applying for the job - got to be better than working for LLoyds TSB!)
Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
Given TT's past horrific customer service reputation it would seem that there are far safer ways of obtaining the Setanta service than to sign up to an 18 month contract with them.

Especially when its a monthly contract via SKY/Freeview when you can cancel during the footy-free summer months and save £10/month.
Posted by Stuartli over 10 years ago
You don't have to go through Sky to sign up for Setanta Sports.

There are also many, many thousands of ex-ON/ITVDigital boxes still in widespread use, many complete with CA slot.

Setanta used to provide a PIN number if you had the original Freeview boxes when you phoned up and paid for an individual game (don't know if it still applies), so no need even for a CA slot.
Posted by zenops over 10 years ago
I've no doubt Setanta are adding more staff to their Customer Service Centres however that wasnt the issue for me - getting through was easy, getting through and wishing I hadnt was the problem :-)

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