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Inuk and C&W in IPTV over broadband deal
Monday 09 July 2007 12:54:43 by John Hunt

Inuk, a UK IPTV company, has signed a five year £70 million deal with Cable & Wireless that will see its triple-play service available to 63% of the UK population. It currently provides telephone, broadband and a Freewire television service offering Freeview and other premium channels to more than 40 Universities using the JANET network.

Cable & Wireless will also white label the solution to its wholesale customers. The solution takes advantage of the Cable & Wireless multicast network that distributes content in a much more efficient manner when compared with standard streaming services like YouTube or Google Video. Users will access the service through a set-top box or by downloading dedicated software. A list of the channels available on the service is here.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Looking at the TV channels they offer if you want TV on your PC it would be cheaper, easy, and probably better quality if you just went and bought a Freeview compatible TV card for your PC IMO
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