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Virgin Media up for sale
Monday 02 July 2007 10:54:22 by Sebastien Lahtinen

Only a few months after unveiling a new common brand following the merger of cable operators NTL and Telewest with, Virgin Media has appointed Goldman Sachs to advise it in relation to a possible buyout.

It is being widely reported that Carlyle Group, a private equity firm is the key contender. The company, of which Richard Branson is the largest shareholder, has been in battle with BSkyB over pricing of Sky channels. The BBC reports that the offer by Carlyle would value Virgin at £5.6bn.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Good riddence to them, from reading they ruined the telewest service.
Posted by gunnersboy over 10 years ago
They didn't im afraid. NTL:telewest took the naming rights to Virgin and re-named NTL:telewest to Virgin Media. By renaming a product it could of no way ruined your service.
Posted by CypherNEUK over 10 years ago
I have had no problems with them since the rebrand, just as good as telewest were.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Well maybe ive got it wrong If thats the case who if its not part of the Virgin group or any connection to the virgin group introduced the daily (and on the 20Mb service, downright stupid) caps? at certain times of the day. Im sure virgin cable users would love to know.
Posted by FluXs over 10 years ago
great! another body to own virgin media... I guess we will get monthly usage caps unless we upgrade to the super XXXL no usage limit package >:|
Posted by hoodamanny over 10 years ago
They have now introduced a premium rate number for all technical support and have drastically reduced speeds of connections (see the forum and you will notice that we are not the only ones to have this issue) I am sure that they are loosing customers left right and centre.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Yep hoodamanny, you are right, premium rate support for broadband, £5 extra per month if you dont pay by direct debit, the 20Mb service limited down to 5Mb at certain times if you use their "unlimited" service too much etc etc etc. Again i say good riddence to them. No huge loss to the broadband world IMO
Posted by dreado over 10 years ago
I can’t help but wonder what this means for our broadband service. Virgin, have in my opinion ruined what was a petty good service, now they are just going to throw it aside like so many other Virgin products.

It could be a huge loss to the broadband world, as Virgin is the only cable broadband option and it’s going down the pan. I guess a lot depends on the motives of whoever takes over next.
Posted by abdulin over 10 years ago
Some will make money, some will suffer. Internet is such an important for me and I need stable service, therefore i choose BT Internet.
Posted by madkingsoup over 10 years ago
Ah, so the rebrand was nothing more than an attempt to attract a buyer - cf Abbey.
Posted by newmo over 10 years ago
I was a bit nervous about going with them - but the broadband has been the best thing so far. I am on the 4MB and I am getting speeds very close to that most days. Miles better than my old ISP and no BT telephone line who also penalise people who don't pay their way)
Posted by unluckyuk over 10 years ago
With virgin media introducing the 0906 numbers in 1st july 2007 they have made about third 1st line technician agents redundent in uk call in scotland / glasgow / airdrie centres as they have contracted with IBM which thy have to guarntedd india the calls numbers over outsourced call centres. Good luck virgin media customers for future by getting through to india.
Posted by lierobs over 10 years ago
Already experienced an Indian call center through virgin. I will not be phoning up again, I will just cancel my subscription - yes it's that bad.

Why can't they just tell me the information i want to know instead of reading a bloody form.
Posted by hairybarsteward over 10 years ago
I was having trouble with slow speeds, idiot at the call centre stated that this site was "unsuitable for correct results", suggested another site to to a speed test once an hour for 24 hours and get back to him. The next attempt was the Red Button fault where the Indian woman could not identify any problem, identified a National fault in my area, could not hear me and could not understand me. I then selected the option to talk about leaving, upshot was that I got a free month of movies and Broadband then I was put through to a UK centre who sorted the problems in under 5 mins.
Posted by Bizucks over 10 years ago
I was also informed that this site is not suitable for correct results. I am on 4mb and when checking can only get up to 1mb. Anyone else witht he same problem?
Posted by gillianrose over 10 years ago
sorry but think virgin media is a waste of space. have been with telewest broadband for 4 years, with no problems. since changed to Virgin it is awful, support is bad high call charges to get support , all making more money, have canceled my contract with them moving to sky broadband, even for top package only £10 per month, virgin have charged me £25 a month for the past 4 years, all i can say is good ridance
Posted by mr-flibble over 10 years ago
I wrote to VM in March asking them to disconnect my services ASAP. Got no reply. Wrote again in April, and cancelled the direct debit. Success .. sort of. They are trying to charge me for 2 months plus. I managed to speak to a manager at VM today. He told me that the reason they haven't replied to any letters I've written to them is because I didn't specifically ask for a written reply. Anyone got Branson's address or email?
Posted by caldew1 over 10 years ago
Try that.
Posted by caldew1 over 10 years ago
What a laugh, branston selling viginmedia to a possible company that he owns 75% in shares eh,
think it is the carlyle group.or am i wrong.
Posted by tdadyslexia over 9 years ago
Virgin is the only cable broadband option and it’s going down the pan. I can say vat Virgin Media is throttling my Speed on the day time, my Speed goes down to ½ a MB.

I have experienced an Indian call center through virgin. I will not be phoning up again, it is the worst Customer Support Centre that I know of, and to top it off they don't speak English.

If I need Technical Support again I may end up leaving them by canceling my subscription - yes it's that bad.
Posted by tdadyslexia over 9 years ago
My connection Cuts off daily, Virgin Media have stopt me from using the proxy sever, watt an NTL Technical Support gived me back in 2003, to help stop this problem from going on.

It is a known problem, well don Virgin Media.
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