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TalkTalk cuts Talk2 service prices
Monday 02 July 2007 08:20:53 by Sebastien Lahtinen

TalkTalk ( has this morning announced a reduction in its Talk2 international plan package to £5.89 per month which includes unlimited weekend and evening calls to UK and unlimited anytime calls to 36 countries. This fee is in addition to the £10.50 line rental making the total cost of the line and Talk2 package £16.39 a month. The package includes free 'up to 8 meg' broadband with a 40GB monthly usage allowance (combined upload/download and still subject to a fair use policy. A connection fee of £29.99 also applies.

More information on the TalkTalk website.


Posted by goldcroft10 over 10 years ago
Does this also apply to existing customers?
Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
The last reduction in Talk3 prices (by £1.50 pm) did not apply to existing customers. Surprisingly the line rental reduction did.
Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
Looks like Tiscali pricing was getting a bit too competitive for TalkTalk. The Tiscali price comparisons were taken off the TT website last week! Tiscali were charging £19.99 pm for a similar product (without international calls).
Posted by ukwiz over 10 years ago
It is a sad reflection on UK telecoms that unlimited calls in Britain are only evening and weekend, whereas international calls (but only 36 countries) are unlimited anytime
Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
Weekend UK calls are disappearing from TT's tariffs from August. It'll just be daytime and evening from then. I wonder if that is made clear in this promotion or on the TT website?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Just another sad attempt by a sad company to try to get some custom IMO.
Posted by jimmythesecond over 10 years ago
Could you expand upon that August tarriff change ETEE?

I am aware TT always play follow the leader with BT, jacking up the prices everytime BT does, leaving them always a whisker's length cheaper than their rival.

BT have announced the abolishment of the weekend rates for MOBILE/Non Geographic calls, but have stated that this doesn't apply to standard geographic calls, (They have jacked up the 'connection fee' for those.)

I expect TT to follow suit, but what you say seems worse and that it will apply to standard UK calls? Is that right?

Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
TT new pricing from 1 Aug 2007
Posted by jimmythesecond over 10 years ago
Thanks ETEE.

As suspected - just mirroring BT with the increases. Just Mobile/Non Geo losing the weekend rate - doesn't apply to Geographic calls.

Not great, but could have been alot worse.

I agree that like BT, these raises haven't been shouted in the same volume as the few reductions.

No real suprise there.
Posted by ETEE over 10 years ago
Most of their geographic calls are included in their packages (up to 70 mins).

The Channel Islands are about the only UK destination not included.
Posted by simonlenton over 10 years ago
When TT say "Our connection fee will change from 3p to 6p." will this affect people on Talk 3 Intl. ?

I know that they will charge for the non geo numbers but just curious if they will fiddle with the 01 and 02 numbers?!
Posted by baabaashep over 10 years ago
We left Talk Talk after 11 months. It took them 5 months to get us broadband. Advertised at "upto 8Mb speed" they were only able to supply a 2Mb speed. they told us that 8Mb would be available in May 2008 (15months later). We went to BT who gave us 8Mb straightaway - makes you think...
The costs for calling TT customer service totalled £90 over 5 months - never again !
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