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BTs 21CN goes live
Thursday 28 June 2007 15:21:34 by John Hunt

BT is to close the trial network it set up for its 21CN (21st Century Network) linking exchanges in central London, Woolwich and Cambridge. The network has carried over 160 million calls, and made communications history by carrying the first phone calls over a totally IP, next generation network. The testing involved 600 BT employees and the equipment handled over 500,000 calls per day.

Wick, in South Wales, saw the first live customers moved onto BT's 21CN in November last year, and BT are looking to complete the migration of 350,000 customers in the Cardiff area this year.

This follows news yesterday of Paul Reynolds, Chief Executive of BT Wholesale is leaving BT to become CEO of Telecom New Zealand. Paul lead the development of BT's 21CN, placing it where it is today.

Further details on the trial 21CN closure are available on the BT Media centre.


Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
cue posts about how this is no benefit to the consumer, blah blah........
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 10 years ago
Okay, how IS it a benefit to me as a consumer?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
As far as im concerned BT can keep their so called next gen services. Even if you have your internet through them at them moment via a MAX product they limit it. God only knows what crippling effects they will apply to 21CN (oh and yes before people say i know its meant to be cheaper to deliver, but BT said the same tripe about 8Mb MAX at the time that came out and look where we are with that now). Thanks but no thanks BT.
Posted by hollows2 over 10 years ago
hey no point in next generation technology lets go back to system x.

No known point in system x lets go back to strowger.

whats the point in strowger lets go back to morse code.

Whats the point in morse code lets go back to semaphore.

Apologies for the spelling and content ( drink is a terrible thing) but the point is that progress may not be obvious but is inevitable and leaves to a better { in the long term } enviroment

drunken Steve
Posted by arundel over 10 years ago
A large part of BT's reason for doing this is the reduction in running costs that will result. My hope is these will be passed on in the new wholesale methods of connections to ISPs (WBC). Someone has to!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
All the time that ISPs are held to ransom by BT any saving the customer can hope for wont happen. BT said with MAX it would bring greater speed and cheaper broadband... In reality what its brought is a service which costs the same or thereabouts as 512k-2Mb services cost and silly caps, throttles and limits as the poor ISPs struggle to meet the demands of users whilst still trying to remain profitable paying BT their extortionate charges. I see no reason why 21CN will be any different unless you put your blind faith in what BT tells us.
Posted by hollows2 over 10 years ago
I hate to defend BT but they have to maintain a creaking old network that everyone expects to provide a 100% service at all times. At times they promise too much but this is a sign of the times ( I blame the advertising companies ). The only answer is for competition to provide an alternative better network (
sky, virgin etc - how many people in rural areas have access to these networks) . When all companies who want to provide network services provide a portion of there income to rural services then we can do a like for like comparison ( roll on the day).

Drunken Steve
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
21CN will bring with it ADSL2+ services, so that's one customer benefit. Another is the enhanced bandwidth available to data services if the voice isn't segmented off as now. The simplification of systems will progressively remove some of the constraints that cause pain and extra cost so long term reductions in real terms pricing will follow.

MAX has indeed brought greater speeds to the majority, but there's always some loser will deny that black is black.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Yeah herdwick the trouble is speed is pointless if it gets throttled isnt it?
We will have to see if BTs adsl2+ provided services end up capped or throttled and what price they will be. Personally i take anything BT says with a pinch of salt, they have a history of empty promises.
Posted by MacMuser over 10 years ago
Who is complaining about BT Max?

I live 3K from the exchange and have 8MB Max service that for the most part runs at 6-7MB down and .8MB up. The same pieces of wire carried Bulldog 8MB broadband at 1-2MB down and .5MB up. Costs roughly the same.
Posted by chrysalis over 10 years ago
herdwick it has defenilty brought higher synch speeds to the majority and increased coverage but actual raw speeds when you consider most people only use it during peak times is probably about the same.
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