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PlusNet: Dzień dobry, Mówię po polsku
Monday 25 June 2007 12:49:51 by Sebastien Lahtinen

PlusNet ( has today announced it has published a Polish language mirror of its website to cater for the broadband needs of the Polish community in the UK who will be able to find out details about products, services and contractual terms in their preferred language. They have also launched a Polish language forum. The company is also offering a dedicated helpline for Polish-speaking customers and are recruiting native speakers to work in their Sheffield-based call centre to assist them with any problems.

"With the Polish community in the UK now numbering more than 750,000 people - two per cent of the global Polish population - we're addressing their needs in a way that makes sense for them. [..] We have had a strong Polish contingent working within PlusNet for over two years which has enabled us to launch a service that focuses on the community's needs, in their native language of course."

Neil Armstrong (Products Director), PlusNet

Subject to demand, PlusNet has expressed an interest in offering the information and service in other languages as well.

More information on the Polish-version of the PlusNet site.


Posted by kamelion over 10 years ago
Very nice - but there are almost 3 million welsh people in britain - where is the welsh version?
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
I trust that is a joke Kamelion, 99.999% percent of Welsh people speak perfect English, where as a good percentage of people from overseas (in this case Polish) may well not, so why you would want it in Welsh, is not only pointless but the cost would have to be passed on somewhere, which normally means the customer. Personally I think its a good idea, but at the same time it would be a even better idea if they ploughedd the development cash back into solving various issues Plusnet seem to persistently have.
Posted by kamelion over 10 years ago
No it isn't a joke
Posted by _TRIaXOR_ over 10 years ago
FYI a lot of people in Wales speak Welsh rather than English as well as a lot of signs (roads etc..) are also in Welsh as well as Welsh TV channels,

oh and while we're on the subject, where's the Scots Gaelic version?
Posted by liamthom over 10 years ago
Can we have it in Isle of Wight too please.
Posted by lierobs over 10 years ago
Scottish people don't speak Gaelic, only the ones that live in the hills :)
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
the road signs etc. are just a PC legislative burden and sop to nationalists, not a reflection on the use of the language. Do we seriously believe anyone would not know what "Police" means and it is therefore imperative that vehicles are labelled in two languages ? What happens if these folks go abroad and are confronted by the Polizei, Gendarmerie, Caribinari, Milicja etc ? Good on Plusnet for reaching out to the Poles.
Posted by YaZiN over 10 years ago
On a serious point, perhaps catering for different languages within ISP's (or any service industry) is a good idea. A few employees which can speak one or two languages to cater for those who can't speak English.

The ultimate irony is to ask for English speaking operators instead of Indian operators (nothing against them, they do try, but it's so frustrating when the accent gets in the way).
Posted by g-bhxu over 10 years ago
How about a Cockney Rhythming Slang version too?
Posted by AdamGz0r over 10 years ago
This sends the wrong message out to people, its making it easier for people to come to Britain and not even have to learn the language to live there.
Posted by Fenris over 10 years ago
If Polish people or any other foreigners want to live and work here, they should learn how to speak English!. Plusnet have a few Polish workers though and are pandering to them. Would the Polish pander to me if I went to work there without learning the native lingo?. This country is a joke!.
Posted by drteeth over 10 years ago
Well said Fenris.
Posted by adriandaz over 10 years ago
Only in Britain...
Posted by carrot63 over 10 years ago
I wonder what Polish for "My email account is inundated with spam" is?
Posted by Cheule over 10 years ago
I agree with AdamGz0r and Fenris, why bother, they should be learning English anyway. It's like that at my works, inundated with Poles who talk about you in their native language.

Drives me mad.
Posted by adamtemp over 10 years ago
So I suppose we need all the nationalities that the councils and police translate leaflets etc into this is PC going Mad.
Posted by mobilehustla over 10 years ago
this is ridiculous, will there be an welsh, urdu, hindi, bengali, turkish, chinese etc version too?
im sure the builder's all have net access
Posted by joebloggs over 10 years ago
1. Offer Polish language website 2. ????? 3. Profit!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
LMAO@ all the people ranting those from another country should learn English if they come here. Some may be students or people only here for a short amount of time. Do us Brits learn to speak fluent French, Spanish, etc before we go there? As for the argument it should be in Welsh, my original statement still stands "99.999% percent of Welsh people speak perfect English" Infact id go as far to say some welsh people dont even speak Welsh. The road sign thing is also hillarious. If your language was that important you wouldnt put many of them in Welsh AND English would you?
Posted by wingco1 over 10 years ago
Well apparently it's not a "Mirror" web site, it's a mirror info page on the portal. According to PN Staff all signups are done on the phone and the T&C's communicated to them. Although they didn't say if this was in Polish :-)
Posted by wesocp over 10 years ago
Cockney version?
Posted by orbix over 10 years ago
Providing the website in Polish has nothing to do with being PC, it's about customers. 700,000 Polish folk here in the UK, and no ISP was targeting them. If there were extra customers to be gained by offering the service in other languages then a provider would offer it. There are probs ISPs in Wales offering info in Welsh.

If people are to live & work in the UK then expecting anything other than English seems ridiculous. The flip side is if people are working hard in an honest job and someone tries to take advantage of them or a problem arises, then shouldn't we do our best to support them?
Posted by Kaufhof over 10 years ago
This is only an information site, you know, and one or two of the Polish versions of internet jargon may not be vfery helpful anyway
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