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BT launches 'Understanding VoIP' guide
Tuesday 19 June 2007 17:57:44 by John Hunt

The BT Business Club, an online resource for SMEs, has launched a guide to understand Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), within their ongoing "Understanding..." series. It is aimed at helping smaller companies get the most out of technology and explains how businesses can take advantage of VoIP services.

"A quarter of small businesses in the UK are already using VoIP services, but that means the vast majority still aren't.

What we're showing with this guide isn't just how to make calls over the internet, but the real benefits it can bring to smaller companies. These extend way beyond cost and allow even the smallest company to create a more mobile, flexible workforce. It can also mean increased efficiency and productivity without significant capital investment. As well as that, VoIP starts small businesses on a journey towards unified communications by bringing everything together in one place."

Bill Murphy, managing director of BT Business

The guide can be downloaded from


Posted by Sandgrounder over 10 years ago
Why is the availability of a Guide placed behind a form requiring Name and email address?
Posted by gruntfuttock over 10 years ago
"Why is the availability of a Guide placed behind a form requiring Name and email address?"
3 guesses :)
Give them some nonsense eg
Name A. Email Phone 01234567890 :)

Posted by hellsbells over 10 years ago
If you give a non existant one it might not let you through, could always a temp disposable one something like
Posted by irrelevant over 10 years ago
I dread to think how many emails a day gets ... I know several people always use him for any such silly signups..

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