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Broadband subscribers reaches 300m
Thursday 14 June 2007 17:55:35 by John Hunt

Research from Point Topic shows the number of broadband subscribers in March 2007, across the world, had reached 298 million. With current growth levels, this will now have surpassed 300 million. Growth levels above 10% in Eastern Europe for the last quarter has helped fuel the ever expanding broadband market. Greece in particular showed a 26.8% increase!

The USA tops the charts with just over 60 million users, closely followed by China, some 4 million behind. The UK is holding strong at just under 14 million, an increase of just under 850,000 users.

Top 10 countries by number of broadband subscribers
Country End 2006 End Q1 2007
USA 57,488,226 60,362,830
China 51,723,000 56,258,499
Japan 25,882,100 26,533,000
Germany 14,894,100 16,142,750
France 13,994,400 15,304,900
South Korea 14,042,698 14,102,888
UK 13,111,600 13,953,000
Italy 8,826,803 9,348,250
Canada 7,735,621 8,010,139
Spain 6,726,756 7,185,932


Posted by SimpleRules over 10 years ago
Darn Germans and French are beating us!
Posted by martinaj over 10 years ago
It would be interesting to know how these figures rank against each country's population!
Posted by ennel over 10 years ago
"It would be interesting to know how these figures rank against each country's population!"

Roughly it seems to work out at one broadband subscriber for every 4/6 people in most countries - except S Korea (one BB per 3 people) and China (one BB per 23 people)
Posted by shamrock over 10 years ago
Number of subscribers should really be per household as usually there is only one subscriber per household and obviously in some countries the number of users per household will be higher. UK has approx. 26million households and 65m pop. therefore 50%+ household penetration.
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