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UK boasts most active Internet users in Europe
Monday 11 June 2007 07:29:15 by John Hunt

The UK has the most active online European population according to a study released by comScore last week. The review of European Internet activity saw that the average European accessed the Internet from either home or work for 16.5 days in a month and spent a total of 24 hours viewing 2,662 web pages.

Whilst the UK (62%) lagged behind The Netherlands and Scandinavia (68-83%) over Internet penetration, we topped the tables with the highest average number of daily visitors (21.8 million), the highest usage days per month (21 per user), and the longest average time spent online per month (34.4 hours per user).

Country Internet Penetration Monthly Unique Users ('000) Average Daily Users ('000) Average Usage Days per User per Month Average Monthly hours per User Average Monthly Pages per User
Austria 53% 3,721 1,485 12 16.3 1,906
Belgium 54% 4,728 2,447 15.5 20.6 2,399
Denmark 68% 3,045 1,493 14.7 22 3,058
Finland 65% 2,818 1,544 16.4 29.7 3,749
France 51% 25,388 14,531 17.2 26.1 2,768
Germany 46% 32,578 18,359 16.9 22.6 2,807
Ireland 42% 1,365 591 13 18.9 1,871
Italy 36% 18,086 7,783 12.9 17.7 1,862
Netherlands 83% 11,292 7,350 19.5 27 3,131
Norway 70% 2,620 1,288 14.7 27.4 3,080
Portugal 44% 3,882 1,731 13.4 23.3 2,454
Russia 11% 13,255 5,048 11.4 13.3 1,695
Spain 39% 13,628 8,828 19.4 30.6 2,675
Sweden 70% 5,259 2,895 16.5 31.7 4,019
Switzerland 58% 3,666 1,846 15.1 22.7 2,676
UK 62% 31,150 21,767 21 34.4 3,440
Europe* 40% 221,463 121,774 16.5 24.1 2,662
US* 66% 156,697 114,472 21.9 31.4 2,826
Source: comScore World Metrix
*Figures for Europe and the US are included for comparison purposes.

The figures shown for the UK prove to be similar to those collected last year by Ofcom, and published within their Digital Progress Report in April.


Posted by MCM999 over 10 years ago
Interesting figures but there is something a little odd about those for the UK which show the average number of users daily as being greater than the number of unique monthly users. Is 21,767 perhaps a typo for 12,767 which would fit in better with other countries?
Posted by middledogwatch over 10 years ago
LOL! Well, it may be a typo but what defines a 'unique' user?
Is it 'me' as the person who pays for the Broadband connection or does it include my family who also connect through a home network (plus two)?
Does it also include using the Internet at work (plus 5) or by using a 'hot spot' when out and about (adding yet another one)?
Posted by MCM999 over 10 years ago
"what defines a 'unique' user?"
Their fingerprints or DNA? <vbg> Whatever is immaterial, it's (supposedly) an analysis of the number of distinct users of the net regardless of where form and how they connect to the net and not the number of conenctions. Like most such surveys the figures will be based on a sample and then scaled.
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
Oops, typo. Thanks for noticing.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Hilarious figures, I dunno what companies actually come up with stuff like this which we see regularly on here but they live in cuckoo land.... Example:
UK Average Monthly hours per User 34.4
Average Monthly Pages per User 3,440 so... 3440/34.4=100 pages... err so we all or rather the average visit an average of 100 pages in an hour??? Or rounded up that’s an average of 1.7 pages per minute... Err yeah ok whatever lmao
Posted by MCM999 over 10 years ago
Far from all internet use is browsing the web. Think news groups, think bit torrent, think!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
lol i know that MCM999 you know that doesnt alter the fact what they say though which was "Average Monthly Pages per User"... If we start assuming which we would be right to that "UK Average Monthly hours per User" means activity other then browsing then that actually means we are visiting more than the calculated 1.7 pages per minute if some of that "UK Average Monthly hours per User" is spent doing other activities, which then makes the figures even more whack.
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