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Newnet drops HomeLITE-12 pricing
Friday 18 May 2007 06:50:49 by John Hunt

Other broadband pricing news sees Newnet dropping the price of their HomeLITE-12 package to just £9.49 per month when paying annually in advance. Monthly payment by Direct Debit is also possible at £9.95 per month. The service includes an up to 8Mbps (Megabits per second) connection with 1GB (gigabyte) of monthly usage allowance. A 12 month minimum contract applies.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Not bad a Max service under ten quid per month, ideal for someone that just emails and browses alot, not too sure on the 12 month contract but other then that well done Newnet.
Posted by Fenris over 10 years ago
It's only a 12 month contract if you want to save £6. Otherwise it's a one month contract and still under a tenner if paying by direct debit. If i was a light user i'd be very tempted.
Posted by maltrab over 10 years ago
I Have used them for nearly 2 years,what a different level of service compared to Plusnet,had a minor problem a few weeks back and they had BT banging on my door and swapping pairs in 24 hrs,lets hope not to many folk discover them,whoops
Posted by NetGuy over 10 years ago

More info on this product clearly says
"Annual contract"

(no mention of "if you want the lower monthly fee")

Posted by infrared over 10 years ago
Superb beginning to service for me. Just switched from madasafish and all turned around, up and running new service in about a day! Speeds consistent with previous Madasafish MAX package, now considerably dearer unfortunately.
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