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Pipex 6 months free broadband offer
Thursday 17 May 2007 21:31:17 by John Hunt

Pipex are offering six months free broadband to customers who sign up for their pipexmini + anytime service. The anytime package includes free local and national phone calls with further cost savings on calls to mobiles and international numbers. The broadband service includes a free modem and free connection to the up to 8Mbps (Megabits per second) broadband service with 2GB (gigabytes) of monthly usage allowance.

The offer, subject to an 18 month contract, gives the equivalent saving of £6.50 a month for 6 months, with the price rising from £12.50 to £19 after that time. It is only available for a period of 1 month from 17th May 2007, so if interested, sign up soon!


Posted by Going_Digital over 10 years ago
In realated news the UK government is offering free nuclear waste to every household that applies. A spokesman was quoted as saying "we are surprised and disappointed by the low response rate".
Posted by _TRIaXOR_ over 10 years ago
and then 6 months down the line Tiscrapi take over.. No thanks ;)
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
My advice to people would dont join Pipex even if they offer you broadband free for life. I would sooner join the circus and entertain crowds by letting a elephant stomp on my balls nightly then go back to these halfwits.
Posted by adriandaz over 10 years ago
Obviously showing your imputence as well as your incompetence again! This a great deal to the masses of starter users who will be able to upgrade to one of Pipex's ample packages later if need be!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Errr I and others were members of Pipex for over two years, I think in that time i have some experience of what the company is like. Im sure if 100 people were to post in this news story most would say avoid them. They were once a great company now they are the only ones round here that show signs of any form of incompetence. If you read the user forum here you would know that.
Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago
rofl at Carpetburn's elaphant comment above....

Anyone considering Pipex needs their heads seriously examined. A quick glance at their forum will show you that they have nothing but utter contempt for their customers.
Posted by ticktock over 10 years ago
It's just a price drop. All the bb providers are mcuh the same as each other for customer service and at least pipex is alright on the tech bit.
Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago

You are so wrong. Plenty of ISP's like Zen have excellent support ratings.

And when you say Pipex are "alright on the tech bit" are you referring to their traffic shaping kit?

Posted by evilbond over 10 years ago

On topic - i wouldn't go with pipex even if they paid me, the service is just awfull.

Then if you do fall for this you then have to 'battle' your way to customer service(not sure this term is applicable tbh as there is no CS as far as i can see...) to get any issues sorted out.
Posted by kenneth_lad over 10 years ago
Pipex are a shambles. Avoid.
Posted by platman over 10 years ago
So glad I left for a proper ISP.
Speeds were rubbish - I got BBC News website quicker on my mobile via GPRS!
For anyone thinking of taking this offer - DO NOT! You will regret it 18 months and then a while longer whilst you try to escape and have to deal with the numptys in CS.
Posted by nick10 over 10 years ago
Do not do it! Speeds of 'up to 8 Mb' are typically less than 500kb during evenings largely due to subcontracted Tiscali servers. God knows what will happen if Tiscali buy. I'm counting the days to the end ofmy contract!
Posted by paulgeaf over 10 years ago
Keith_thfc: 'You are so wrong. Plenty of ISP's like Zen have excellent support ratings.'
Erm....yes and ZEN cost a whole lot more mate so you can't compare. Can you compare cheddar to a nice bit of french brie...?
I have to add that my neighbour signed to Pipex 4 months ago and is a HEAVY up/downloader...torrent user etc. He has had NO complaints of his tech it isn't always as clear cut as you make out.
Posted by paulgeaf over 10 years ago
Oh yeah and to continue what I said above:
He gets throttled in peak time but still downloads every tv show he wants etc etc and no probs. based on that I AM considering getting the same as he lives two doors away so how different could it be for me..?
Posted by keith_thfc over 10 years ago

My reply re Zen was in response to ticktock's comment that all the ISP's were the same for customer service. Of course you pay more for Zen.

I would have no problem with Pipex throttling people at peak times if they explained this clearly on their ads.

Your mate may be happy to be throttled at peak times but I don't think the rest of Pipex's long suffering customers would agree.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Apart from their dis-honest throttling Pipex at the moment have a shambles of an accounts department, so shambolic infact that in some cases with Direct Debit and Credit Card payments they are not only breaking their own terms but it can be argued they are actually breaking the Law in some instances.... Throttling with them nowadays is the least of peoples worries.
Posted by lordg over 10 years ago
pipex bought toucan and bulldog this year how ever has not brought these companies into the group plus it put its self up for say hoping to make a quick buck how ever if any company does not buy pipex watch the share price drop and then when they take a look at toucan they have a dog company and they will also see a huge customer churn from toucan all they have done is harmed there own company iam a ex toucan client beleave pipex would be the last company i would ever go to just because of toucan broadband
Posted by squeak1963 over 10 years ago
alas yet another month of slow speeds.4 engineers from bt with same results,no faults on line,but yet pipex still say theres no prob/2mbps before upgrading 2 8meg,then backwards down to point9kbps
black stallion:-( why
Posted by rachann over 10 years ago
They haven't managed to get my direct debit correct in the last 9 months. As soon as me 12 contract is over I off to get a proper ISP provider.
Also when I started there was a offer of a free modem which I never received because they decided that this offer was not available for migration customers.
Also I have never get another where near the speed they state.
Posted by chug-a-bug over 10 years ago
I was with Pipex for 5 years and recently escaped their clutches, what a relief. Everything except web browsing and email access is now throttled to dialup speeds. Whats the point of Broadband if all I can do with it is browse the 'web and read emails? I might as well have gone back to dialup.
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