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Broadband from the Post Office on the way
Thursday 17 May 2007 09:59:38 by Andrew Ferguson

Reuters has the news that the Post Office has signed a £750 million four year contract with BT Wholesale to supply wholesale broadband services. This is apparently the largest single contract signed by BT Wholesale.

BT Wholesale launched a 'white label managed services' platform in the last financial quarter, which takes away the risks and costs of running a network and developing new products for potential broadband providers. On 8th January 2007, Vodafone at Home launched using the service. It appears the Post Office are to make use of the same platform.

The managed platform is known as BT Broadband Scope, a BT Wholesale presentation on the service for those keen to read more can be found on


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Post Office Broadband will be great... I wonder if it will be a first class or second class service with 150% price increases at random intervals, if we are really lucky they will offer insurance also see if they lose your connection they can spend six months looking for it... ahhhh the post office dont we all love them.
Posted by colonel over 10 years ago
That is a bit unfair CARPETBURN.
The Post Office home phone service is very competitive compered to BT. If they can offer a similar no frills inexpensive Broadband service, I'd be up for it.
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
"The Post Office home phone service is very competitive compered to BT" - not really, 1p/minute vs 6p or whatever *per call* evenings and weekends.
Posted by xela over 10 years ago
Mmmm broadband from the company who have a machine that charges £2.88 for a pack of second class stamps but a) won't take 1p coins, b) won't give change, and c) won't let you put in £2.90 and accept a £0.02p hit.

I can't wait!
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
LOL xela :)
Posted by radiomarko over 10 years ago
They built a brand new post office in Exeter with no post box on the outside.......
Posted by Vigilant1 over 10 years ago
The Post Office offer quite a number of very useful services & facilities. I use my local sub-post & the one in a neighbouring village which has a Car Tax facility very regularly in addition to the Main Past Office in the town centre.
Posted by mikeg3pga over 10 years ago
Hopefully they will do better than my 2.3mb service one evening then 356kb the next. Frustration level going up daily....
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