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South East Asia offers cheapest DSL
Thursday 26 April 2007 21:10:12 by John Hunt

Point Topic has released comparison data on 240 operators comparing tariffs of different services. Over seven regions, South East Asia wins on price of DSL at just US$19 (£9.50) per month, similar to some services available here. However that price is due to a relatively low download speed with an average of 1,761Kbps (Kilo bits per second). Western Europe and North America are on a very level footing with Europe at US$49 (£24.76) with an average speed of 4,172Kbps. Cable modem services follow a similar pattern, but provide faster services for cheaper.

FTTx (fibre to the home/kerb) is unsurprisingly cheapest/Kbps in the Asia Pacific region, with services available at 100Mbps for US$37.80 (£18.99), although Eastern Europe is offering some shared fibre services (using fibre to the building (FTTB)) at US$30.80. An average speed of 40Mbps is available.

France is currently seeing large investment in FTTx, particularly around the Paris area, with several companies hoping to attract customers to see a rollout of 450,000 users by the end of 2009. Neuf Cegetel will be offering a triple play service with telephony, Television and 50Mbps Internet service available for US$40 (£20) - an equivalent triple play option from Virgin Media (with only 10Mbps broadband) currently costs £28.50 per month.


Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Yet another example of rip off Britain
Posted by hollows2 over 10 years ago
Virgin media triple play with 10Mbps £28.50? - only for the first three months and then it is £46.
Posted by rian over 10 years ago
See! We are now following behind in both price and speed competition. UK communication providers are just concerning about how to grab more money with their old copper cables and play around with those FUP, AUP, traffic shaping...etc.

May be when BT's 21CN gets working finely in 2010, you will see the other countries doing several hundreds Mb/s connection for less than 20 pounds without any limit. Wake up! it's time to have a review the current state of communication.
Posted by Scubaholic over 10 years ago
Competition with cable providers in UK is virtually non-existent & coverage is limited too, so no guess why the price is high.
The comparison with France is valid but with SE Asia & Eastern Europe is not! What $38 & $30 will buy you in these areas & when looked at a a proportion of wages is vastly different to the UK. So while at first glance it may look cheap to us it is not such a bargain to the locals.
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
"it's time to have a review" - no, it's time for someone to build some faster infrastructure and services and start selling them.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
Yeah you are kinda right about the wage thing scubaholic when comparing us to Asia...
However lets take them out of the equation and, compare our cable UPLOAD speeds to those in the States or Canada and well... we dont compare. Compare our regular ADSL to the likes of our European chums like France and Sweden and again Britain is one big rip off joke!
Posted by barnsey over 10 years ago
Well said the people who think we are behind the times with our infrastucture.
When I said the same in the forums I had comments like I was a leach and a troll and a cross poster, some people ah obviousley not down to earth interested in other peoples welfare bit of I'm all right jack pull up the ladder
Posted by stiffy over 10 years ago
From 1st May 2007, Virginmedia 10Mb will cost £37....must be the dearest in the country?....but we await the promised 'free' uplift to 20Mb.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
I wouldnt hold your breath stiffy Virgin lost Sky channels but did not at the time reduce their prices on their TV packages... Virgin are not the type of company that gives anything away, they say they care about the customer, but nowadays they rarely prove it.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
^^^ Oh look i said that 8 days ago and look at todays story story about Virgin. Surprise, Surprise, Virgin may have indeed upgraded some areas to 20Mb but only if you dont use it for more than say 30 mins a day will you constantly get that speed... Now what was i saying about them not being the type of company that gives anything away!! Sometimes i amaze myself, who needs a crystal ball eh!
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