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Kent County Council to create broadband TV channel
Tuesday 17 April 2007 17:21:10 by Andrew Ferguson

Promotion of different areas of the UK is a competitive field, and it seems Kent Country Council is going one stage further by setting up an Internet based television station accessible by broadband users.

BBC News Online is reporting that the two-year pilot scheme is expected to cost £200,000 to set-up and £600,000 a year to run. It seems the aim of the station is to benefit tourism, inward investment and education throughout the county.

The station is expected to go on air in September 2007, and will carry advertising to help pay the running costs.


Posted by ste__ over 10 years ago
What a waste of taxpayers money
Posted by uniquename over 10 years ago
Ste_? Have you conducted any research into to why this aim:- "the aim of the station is to benefit tourism, inward investment and education throughout the county" will not be realised and beneficial to Kent in terms of services and tax (rise) reduction?
Posted by ste__ over 10 years ago
No.. all I know is the money would be better spent collecting bins every week
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
LOL, oh you must live in a similar area to me ste, my local council randomly collect the bins when they feel like it lol. As for this thing benefitting tourism i cant see that happening, there are places in kent not even locals would be caught dead in let alone tourists... I agree it is a complete waste of money.
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
lol andrew at that site quote first few lines.
"Regeneration in Kent has two main aims:
to manage growth
to revive deprived or declining areas"

If Kent county council spent tax payer money properly in the first place there wouldnt be deprived and declining areas, and they think a web TV channel is gonna help? LMAO
Posted by gr277 over 10 years ago
They need their brains examined....How about doing the things they are supposed to do? Like collecting bins every week?
These people must really be a bunch of morons...
Posted by Orowlinson over 10 years ago
I am a Youth MP for Kent and i think this idea is fantastic and have always supported it since i head of it about a year ago.Kent County council Delivers its residents the best servcies for value for money.Kent iis a 4 Star county,one of not many.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
^^^ What an absolute crock of horse s**te.I have a relative that lives in a certain area in the Swale which falls under KCC,Earlier in the year when they had all of 2 days worth of snow,no deeper than 1 inch their bin was not collected...Fair enough you may say perhaps the snow could be deemed a hazard to the rubbish collectors or the lorry,so send it out next day right???Errr no wrong they sent it out the following week, and thus everyone had 2 weeks rubbish to be collected,which obviously wouldnt fit in their wheely bin.... (continued)....
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
(continued from above)the rubbish that was not placed in bins they refused to collect until many residents in that area complained to the towns council. KCC are idiots..End Off..I wont even mention how the same town has CCTV which cost hundreds of thousands but does not work...
Please dont as an MP try to blag on here how wonderful KCC is cos it is not, and as for the site its full of more contradictions than government actually talk.
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