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Virgin Media and BT queue up for Pipex Group
Wednesday 21 March 2007 11:50:37 by Andrew Ferguson

Over at The Telegraph is the news that Virgin Media and BT are making serious noises in the first round bidding for the Pipex Group.

We reported back in January 2007 how the large providers were gaining an ever higher share of the market, with 82% of broadband users already clustered in just 5 companies. To some extent Virgin Media buying the Pipex Group may make some sense as Pipex has experience in LLU and has around fifty exchanges unbundled. This would help Virgin Media in its push to make TV over broadband a reality in the parts of the country it has no cable coverage. The reasoning for BT buying Pipex is less clear, other than to boost customer numbers or simply stop another company gaining Pipex.


Posted by Reuben over 10 years ago
I wonder what's going to happen to Bulldog customers
Posted by rsharma over 10 years ago
I don't think BT would stand a chance due to the CC and OFT and I personally feel they might not be too happy with Virgin either. Maybe Vodafone will also have a go...
Posted by stephen_f2s over 10 years ago
If they're after Pipex for their LLU expertise then they're in for a bit of a shock.
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
Pipex have a national wireless broadband licence that may interest BT.
Posted by CARPETBURN over 10 years ago
LOL I see another situation where Sky remain tight lipped, and then at the last minute drop a bombshell on Virgin Medias parade.
Posted by arnibabes over 10 years ago
Its my opinion that BT Broadband, should stoping buying,and look to there existing customers. With an improvment in service`s.
arnibabes. best to all.
Posted by Louis_simpson over 10 years ago
How interesting it is that any rumour causes such speculation. As it would be illegal for anyone to actually publicly confirm who or what is bidding for who until it is announced to the stock market it is the same as saying Spurs are buying Ronaldo - media bo**ox
Posted by Gabriela over 10 years ago
Unhappy as Bulldog customer since Feb. 06, at prospect of acquisition by BT. My Bdog contract at £99.95/month costs £28/month from BT! & BT acquisition by BT would dry up cheap broadband? TalkTalk, same price, has a privacy policy breaching EU data protection, & abysmal customer service record. Prefer Virgin Media, against Murdoch's Sky/Times/Sun empire, with undue personal influence in British politics. Do existing Bulldog etc customers have any say in these takeovers?
Posted by Gabriela over 10 years ago
Correction: my Bulldog contract at £20.25/month costs £28 from BT!
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