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Homechoice to be reborn as Tiscali TV
Monday 05 February 2007 16:16:28 by Andrew Ferguson

The last year has seen combinations of telephone and broadband services take off, but in a fast paced world, those deals are beginning to look a bit stale. 2007 is seeing a raft of new Freeview/TV over broadband combinations appearing. The latest looks to be Tiscali TV which is due to launch on the 1st March 2007.

A shortened version of a print story from the Media Guardian section can be read online here. Richard Wray spends some time looking at the challenges ahead for Virgin Media, but also provides details on the forthcoming Tiscali TV service.

Tiscali TV will build on the pre-existing video over broadband service from Homechoice which serves the London and Stevenage areas. Tiscali hope to expand the network to cover 65% of UK households, including the major metropolitan areas by next summer. Two packages are on the table currently, a basic £14.99 a month deal offering broadband and TV service. A more expensive package at £19.99 will offer the same 38 channels and catch-up TV for BBC channels, but will also include a phone line with free weekend calls to landline numbers.

Interestingly it looks like Tiscali is managing network capacity by restricting people to 100 hours of video content over the broadband connection on the basic products, or allowing you to upgrade to 1000 hours of on-demand content and another 27 channels for £10 more per month. Shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives are expected to retail at around 99p per episode.

A challenge all service providers face is ensuring that broadband services are stable enough to provide a good video experience. To some extent, this can be seen already with people faster to complain about poor service and reliability when it affects their telephone connection.


Posted by SteveToplek over 10 years ago
OK for Tiscali to have big ideas, but their current level of Customer Service will have to improve massively ( remember, 0870 number so the customer pays)
ok if you have no problems, but when you do, you're dealing with Customer help based in India - cheap for Tiscali, useless for customers, staff can't even seem to understand, let alone deal with basic problems.
Posted by kingbaz over 10 years ago
I use my computer to play a lot of poker and during Nov 2006 was experiencing slow speeds to poker sites initial contact with broadband support in India produced the conclusion that my internal connections in the house were to blame BT at my expense tested (no fault found
Posted by kingbaz over 10 years ago
i then received an e mail telling me my problem was being escalated to their network engineers but could not give me a time scale for resolution 3 days go by e mail arrives because i have not contacted them case marked as solved (excuse me)
Posted by kingbaz over 10 years ago
many e mails and marathon phone calls to brodband and customer support (different person each time)you know the ones days go by same slow connection to poker an e mail arrives from broadband support content the network engineers have finished the upgrade of our system
Posted by kingbaz over 10 years ago
suprise there was nothing wrong with my end of the system and all this worry time and BT charge of £68 was to a fix a non existent fault with my phone house connections
Posted by kingbaz over 10 years ago
well here we are feb 2007 at peak times i cannot always connect to poker sites poker sites have told me that tiscali are causing the problem so here we go again when tiscali works its ok but should you have problems tiscali operate a pass the parcel approach to customer service buyer beware Barry King
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