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Kingston Communications buys Mistral Internet Group
Thursday 01 February 2007 14:40:24 by Andrew Ferguson

The acquisition of broadband providers continues with the Kingston Communications group buying Mistral Internet Group Ltd for £19.6 million. Details at

Kingston Communications is better known for its telephone and broadband services under the Karoo banner in the Hull area, and also owns Eclipse Internet.


Posted by jimwillsher over 10 years ago
Nightmare. Kingston shafted Eclipse, and they will now shaft all the Mistral resellers.
Posted by tonyintolgullow over 10 years ago
jimwillsher:- KC shafted Eclipse how? I've been an Eclipse broadband residential customer through the changeover, and the service has always been great as far as I'm concerned. If the customers can be kept content should we be worried if "resellers" (whatever they are) aren't kept happy?
Posted by rjohnloader over 10 years ago
I feel so sorry for Mistral customers. As an Eclipser who has seen good support people leave them and service degrade since Hull Corporation Telephones (yes I know they're Kingston Comms but they still act like a council department) I can only see Mistral going panwards.
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