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Plusnet celebrates its 10th birthday with new offers
Thursday 01 February 2007 14:40:02 by Andrew Ferguson

Plusnet is celebrating its 10th birthday in several ways, for potential customers perhaps the most significant is a new free setup and hardware deal. For those who are already a customer there is the chance to win a VW Golf R32 by recommending the service to a friend and have them join before March 30th 2007.

The new free setup offer works by you not paying anything upfront for activation or hardware. If you leave in the first 12 months you would repay £47 for the activation or £72 if taking both the activation and hardware option. The deal still applies if you take a one month versus a 12 month contract. The previous 'you stay we pay' scheme run by Plusnet had a five year payback period. For more details visit

The first customer who joined Plusnet in 1997 is still with the broadband provider, and as part of the celebrations will receive a refund of their last 10 years subscriptions which amount to over £2000.


Posted by fatJock over 10 years ago
10 years waiting for a MAC must be a record ;)
Posted by parsimony over 10 years ago

HaHa Good One fatJock. :D
Posted by jj_rousseau over 10 years ago
Presumably the first customer is the founder?
Posted by seg_deadmeat over 10 years ago
No, it's his wife ;-)
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